East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for coming our regular walking tour in the East garden of the Imperial palace on 5th May. It was on the National holiday of Children’s Day. The weather was fine and very comfortable. We welcomed 36 guests from 14 countries (U.S.A., Poland, UK, Canada, Germany, Israel, Australia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, Czech, Sweden, and Cyprus). We were so happy to have met you!

Many people showed up to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace because of long holiday of Golden week in Japan. For Japanese people this long holiday of Golden week is good chance to take long vacation but can cause some problems, for example, heavy traffic jam, expensive hotel rate, and packed places. However, it makes us happy!

Speaking of the Golden Week, I would  like to introduce you to Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route to visit as a perfect place during this season.

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route is located deep in the mountains between Toyama Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. It was made as the road for constructing the Kurobe Dam fifty years ago. Now the road is being used for sightseeing tour. Because of its location, we need to transfer the electric-powered buses and the cable cars four times from Senzyaku station (at Nagano) to Murodo station ( at Toyama). In Golden Week a lot of people visit there, so trains are terrible crowded. Please be patient for a while.

The snow wall appears at around the top of mountain near Murodo station. It is the road surrounded by the much layered snow. During the Golden week we can enjoy walking in the snow valley. It is amazing!

The height of snow wall is getting lower and lower. We can see it from the middle of April to the middle of June. But it depends on the weather. The way to  Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route is far away from Tokyo. It takes about five hours by car. However, I think it is worth going.

Posted by Y.Hino