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Tour Report on 7-October, 2017, Saturday

Tour Report on 7-October, 2017, Saturday

Thank you the guests who kindly joined our tour on 7th of October. We had 22 guests from nine countries, divided by four groups.

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Autumn has come here in Tokyo. It was very chilly day on Friday. On Saturday, it rained in the morning, but turned lovely day with sunshine in the afternoon. It was a best day for walking tour! I give you one good knowledge for visiting Japan in autumn. Everybody knows the cherry blossom flower (Sakura) in Japan bloom in spring, but do you know we can see it in autumn as well? It is called Jugatsu-zakura, which blooms in October. It blooms twice in a year, one in spring and one in autumn. Some article says Sakura originally bloomed in autumn and its DNA has gradually changed blooming in spring only. It means such Jugatsu-zakura keeps original character. We can see such Sakura in our tour, after entering the Otemon gate’s reception, near Sannomaru Museum.

Recently we can smell a fragrant olive (Kinmokusei in Japanese). When we smell this, we recognize the autumn has come. I like it very much, not only the smell itself but also the language of the flower: noble, modesty, truth, first love and intoxication. Yes, we can smell it some part of our tour, so you can notice the visit of autumn like Japanese people does.

Kinmokusei (a fragrant olive)

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