Tour Report on Apr.4 (Weekday Tour of The East Garden Of the Imperial Palace)

Thank you for joining our weekday tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace  on Apr.4. We had 24 guests. They were from Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and U.S.A.

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It was a warm day, and moreover cherry blossoms were fully blooming. Our guests enjoyed taking pictures of them with historic sites.

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In Japan, April is the beginning of the new year at school and work. Many Japanese make a start on their new classes, schools and jobs. However, this April differs from the usual. As the new emperor will accede to the throne on May 1, the anticipated new name of era was annonced to the public on Apr.1. The new name is Reiwa meaning “beautiful harmony”.

The first era was Taika in AD645 and Reiwa will be the 248th. Since the middle of 19th century, the name of era has been replaced by each imperial succession.

We hope the new period will be beautifully harmonized as it was named.

This spring is surely the beginning of a new period in Japan !!


( by Rei )