East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on April 15 2017,Saturday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We welcomed 72 guests from all around of the world on April 15.

We divided the guests into 7 groups and started our tour at 1:00 pm from Tokyo station.

The following are the group pictures.



It was cloudy warm day and it was almost end of cherry blossom season but a few flowers remained.

There were many kinds of flowers in the park not only cherry blossom but also Thunb(Iris japonica) and azalea and more.

Cherry blossoms are No1 flower for most of Japanese even it is over the full blossom.

We wait for cherry blossoms blooming,enjoy for very short time,look a shower of cherry blossoms,and look foword to next year’s cherry blossoms.

We must be anxious about cherry blossom would be fallen by heavy rain or strong wind during flower blooming. 

There is a poem written in ninth-century in Japan.


          If it were not for

          Cherry blossoms in the world,

           How peaceful and calm

           The heart in spring could be!



Thanks to all the guests for joining and having good time with us.

Please enjoy JAPAN and please enjoy the next cherry blossoms if you have a chance.

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Please check them and give us your comments or feedbacks.

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