East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on April 8 2017, Saturday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you to all the wonderful guests who joined our tour on April 8. Although it was not a perfect day to go out for a walk (it was cloudy and we had some drizzles here and there), we welcomed almost 100 guests from all around the world.

The cherry blossoms in the East Gardens of the Imperial palace were in full bloom, and many people were taking pictures of the beautiful pink flowers. It will be all gone soon, so if you are still in Japan, you must hurry!



In our group, we had two boys as guests.They were having fun playing Pokemon Go during the tour. (There are quite a few pokestops in the East Gardens, so if you are playing it, this is the place you should go!) We talked about the pokemon we can only find in Japan called Kamonegi, in English Farfetch’d. They had not caught it yet, but I hope they can during their stay in Japan.

Soon, spring will be over and the rainy season, in Japan we call it “tsuyu(梅雨)”, will come. After tsuyu, the hot and humid summer will arrive. Even though the cherry blossoms will pretty soon be gone and one of the most attractive season in Japan would be over, there will still be much to see, for each season has their own beauty. We will be delighted to guide you around the East Gardens, so when you have a chance feel free to join our tour!
Yuri T.