Tour Report on August 20 , Asakusa areas


Thank you for coming Asakusa areas. We welcomed several guests on that day and briefly introduced ourselves. Right after that, we started our tour with climbing the roof top of Asakusa Tourist Information Center, where we enjoyed seeing the breathtaking views of these historical areas.


Normally, we visit seven spots in this Asakusa strolling and conclude at Asakusa Shinto Shrine.

Group A 集合a

Recently, rainy and overcast conditions have prevailed and lasted a half month in most of Japan.
It has highly likely made the unprecedented records in Japanese weather forecast.
Although the weather was not perfect, we were truly honored to make tours for enthusiastic travelers in this historical place, Asakusa.




On the way, while strolling along the roads of Asakusa, you will see some Buddhist buildings and retailer shops selling traditional food, clothing and other souvenirs.
It will effectively make you, Asakusa lovers, feel fully immersed in the atmosphere of old Tokyo.
Moreover, you would probably be enthusiastic in viewing Kabuki, after you successfully find statues of five men in this historical site. These attractive objects can be found on different shop’s roofs, wearing the clothing of typical town people from the Edo period.
They are called “Shiranami Gonin Otoko”, which can be translated to “The Five Men of Thefts”

The stories about these men have been popular and is one of the highlights of Kabuki plays in Japan since the Edo era.
Folk tales about these group of men depict them as a unique group of thieves, who are following a policy of being “Gizoku” like “Robin Hood” in England.
A “Gizoku” or a gentleman thief, never commits theft for their own material wealth or greed. On the other hand, they steal from wealthy people and distribute their stolen goods among the poor members of the society.
Additionally, they proudly follow and advocate certain rules, where they prohibit themselves from afflicting physical damage and avoiding mental intimidation to steal.
Anyways, it is our great pleasure to introduce this historical town, and help them find traditional Japan.
See you soon in Asakusa.

(By Arac)