East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour report on Dec. 21, 2019 (The East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


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Our guests often ask us “why do you do this volunteer guide activities?”

Answers differ by each member. But we all have same reason “because all of our guests are so wonderful and we are encouraged to do this, enjoying communication with guests from all over the world!”

Yes, the same applied to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace tour on December 21 (Sat).  Though it was a pretty cold & cloudy day, we welcomed 7 guests from Australia, France, New Zealand & Singapore.  Thank YOU very much for your joining to our tour!

As the benefit of relatively small number of guests, we could offer semi-private tour for our guests.


By the way, it feels like the year’s coming to an end.

Let me introduce seasonal topics in Japan.


The winter solstice, called Touji, falls around December 21st or 22nd (December 22nd this year).  Touji represents the advent of winter. We are heading to coldest season. But at the same time, we also consider it is the start of spring because daytime will become longer day by day after Touji.

For the day, we have such traditional customs, eating pumpkin and taking a yuzu bath. Yuzu is a yellow and tangy citrus fruit. A yuzu bath warms the body up and soothes dry skin caused by the cold of winter. A Japanese pumpkin is rich in nutrients that ward off illness. The dish made from boiled pumpkins and Azuki beans is often eaten on the day.


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We always welcome you & do our best for our guests to add happy memory of Japan.

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(reported by Akemi)