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Tour Report on November 10th

Tour Report on November 10th

Thank you for joining our tour visiting the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on November 10th. We welcomed 29 people from Hong Kong (7), U.S.A.(6), Australia (4), India (2), Malaysia (1), Russia (1), U.K.(1), Singapore (1), China (1), Pakistan (1) France (1), Romania (1) and Japan (1).


We could enjoy clear blue autumn sky with comfortable temperature. This autumn is a bit warmer than usual, so it is a little bit earlier for us to enjoy autumn leaves. But some of them start to turn yellow and red.

In Japan, November 15 is called “shichi-go-san”, literally “seven-five-three”. It is a festival to celebrate the growth of children. On November 15, or on weekends around that date, girls of seven, boys of five, or both of three are taken to a shrine by their parents to give thanks and pray for a divine blessing and pray for their future growth and happiness. Children are having a colorful oblong paper bag, in which Chitose Ame is given. Chitose Ame literally means “a thousand-year candy” and symbolizes healthy growth and longevity.

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