East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on December 17

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much to all the guests for joining our tour. It was very nice weather with moderate temperature as December.  We welcomed 31 guests from Argentine, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippine, UK and USA.

It was very moderate weather and we enjoyed sunshine. Some group had nice and relax guiding and talk at the park and on the lawn. The lawn in the East Garden is very clean and when the weather is fine, people can relax on the lawn and can even have picnic (no alcohols, though).   Imperial Household Agency is very generous:)


Our tour route is from Tokyo station to walking in the Imperial Palace East Garden, and we are not visiting or even see the Imperial Palace where Emperor and Empress live.  Normally ordinary people are not able to go into the Imperial Palace area unless you register in advance.   But there are 2 chances that any well-wishers can go in the Imperial Palace Grounds.  It is on New Year’s Day (January 2) and Emperor’s Birthday.   On those days, well -wishers enter the Imperial Palace Grounds from main gate (double bridge) and acutally see Imperial Family members waving hands from the Palace balcony.     If you are in Tokyo this week, you have chance for this occasion.   The Emperor’s Birthday is Dec 23, this Friday.  Appearances are Emperor and Empress, Crown Prince and Princess, Prince and Princess Akishino and Princess Mako and Kako.  Majority of  Japanese nation like and admire Imperial Family, many people visit on the day, so it is very crowded.  I think this could be very rare and honorable experience for foreigner as well.  If you are interested in this oppotuniry, please check website of Imperial Household agency.

(posted by Sachimi)


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