East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tokyo Free Walking Tour welcomed eight guests for our regular Meiji Shrine and Harajuku route tour on February 18.

Big thank YOU to all the guests who were from Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Slovakia, Netherland and England.  We hope all enjoyed not only the tour itself but chat with other guests and us.  It was a lovely sunny day with shining blue sky, though it was still bit cold.   Luckily, we encountered wedding parties at the main shrine area.  One party was proceeding to main hall for ceremony and the others were ready to take memorial wedding photos.


The second half of this tour after short break is Harajuku district tour.

Tour guests can enjoy comparison between natural-rich peaceful Meiji Shrine and lively crowded Harajuku district.  One of the most popular (and most crowded) streets in this area is Takeshita-dori.  It is the landmark of many Japanese subcultures, the best known of which is the Kawaii culture.

The tour covers both Takeshita-dori and Omote-sando avenue within just an hour. During the tour, visitors could grasp the general ideas of this area thus they often continue walking after the tour, but this time do deep dive depends on their interests.

Tokyo Marathon, one of the biggest annual running events in Japan, is scheduled on upcoming Sunday, February 25. The course is designed to tour Tokyo’s sightseeing destinations, starting from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinjuku, finishing at Gyoko-dori, in front of Tokyo Station.  Tokyo Marathon attracts many applicants though entrants number is limited as 36,000 for the marathon and 10-kilometer race combined.  Some of TFWT members will participate in the events either as runners or volunteers.

On February 24, on the day of our next regular tour at Imperial Palace East Garden route,  one of the Tokyo Marathon official events “Let’s go see the Finish area!” is scheduled on our tour route.  Why don’t you join us and enjoy both TFWT tour and Tokyo Marathon event!