East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on Jan.18,2020(the East Garden of the imperial Palace)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on Jan. 18.2020.

(The East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

Thank you for choosing our regular tour of The East Garden of the Imperial Palace. We welcomed

5 guests from Australia. It was a light rain but we enjoyed two and half hour walking with our gusts.

A 集合

We watched some plum-blossom. Japanese love plum-blossom viewing in February and pickled plum that is called “Umeboshi” in Japanese. It’s very sour. Have you tried?

We had a family of five members. One of them was the youngest daughter who was so cute named “Emma”.

Japanese “Ema” means 絵馬.(絵is picture. is horse) “Ema” is a votive picture tablet which we offer to a shrine or temple when we pray for something of after our prayers are answered. The table sometimes gears a picture of a horse from the fact that people once dedicated a living horse.

In may case, I drew a“Ema” and dedicated when my daughter got pregnant. She got a cheerful baby.

Please go to shrine or temple and draw a “Ema” and pray when you want to make a wish.

Posted by Akiko.