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Tour Report on July 15, 2017

Tour Report on July 15, 2017

Thank you all the guests for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour. We are honored to have around 15 guests from the different corners of the world like Belgium, Hungary, and the U.S. We divided into 5 groups and took group photos below.

It was so hot that a various kinds of living things in East Garden of the Imperial Palace as well as people were bathing in the sun and feeling oppressed by the heat.


Which spot or topic was the most exciting or impressive for you? The number of residence in Marunouchi? A professional spy,”Ninja” and a throwing knife? The movie, 47 Ronin? Wearing instant kimono?

Although it was a tour in the unbearable heat, we hope all of you enjoyed the tour.
Lastly, we wish you all a safe and wonderful stay in Japan.

P.S. Now in Japan, we can have fancy shaved ice and feel cool at some cafes!! How about trying Japanese shaved ice?


(Posted by A. Kuno)