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Tour Report on July 8, 2017

Tour Report on July 8, 2017

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour. We are honored to have around 60 people from the different corners of the world come and join this tour. All of the participants were split into six groups and the tour was started.
July 8 was a hot and humid day and at the time we were about to start the tour at around 1 in the afternoon, the temperature had already reached 30 degrees Celsius.


This day truly characterized what a typical summer day is in Japan and it is predicted that the heat index, especially in cities, would be higher in the month of August.



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Our guides were very responsive and engaging all throughout the tour.

Halfway through our walking tour, we arrived at a refreshment stand, where certain beverages and treats were available for the guests and guides to comfort and refresh us from the humid and tiring walk.
One of the treats that was a hit among the guests was the matcha-flavored ice cream.
It is a kind of green tea flavored ice cream that promptly attracted the guests’ taste buds.


Finally, we concluded our two and a half hours intensive but educational strolling at 3:30 in the afternoon at the Hirakawa-mon Gate of the Old Edo Castle.


Well, here were the reports and notifications for your safe tour in time of coming Japan.
Four days ago, on July 4, Tuesday, heavy rain hit the northern part of Kyushu region, which is in the southern part of Japan. This heavy rain brought about unforeseen catastrophe like flooding and landslides, which left many casualties and missing people on its wake. Reportedly, this was the first time that this calamity ever hit the region.
A few days after the incident, the affected people in the disaster-stricken areas are still having trouble going back to their normal lives, having their life lines disrupted by the disaster. They are also finding it difficult to look for an alternative home under the high calamity alert.

It’s reasonably important to check the local weather forecast of your potential destination in advance, before heading out to these places, in order to address the difficulty posed by the unpredictable climate.

 This is to make sure that you will have an enjoyable time in Japan.

By Arac