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Tour Report on July 1, 2017

Tour Report on July 1, 2017
Today we welcomed 43 guests from Iceland, USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, Poland, Mexico, Russia and Lithuania.

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Japan is in the midst of the rainy season, which is expected to last until end July.
With the high humidity and stickiness, this time is said to be the most hated season among Japanese. But looking at the bright side, this is the time when we could enjoy the bright colored iris & hydrangeas pop in the gloomy sky.
Today I was asked by some guests the reason why it is not easy to find a trash bin on the streets of Japan. After browsing through some local authority websites, I have learned that many bins were taken off the streets since year 2001 due to below reasons.
1. Increase of people dumping household wastes
2. Increase of illegal dumping
3. Stray cats & crows pick through trash
4. Cost increase of trash bin management due to above 1.-3
5. Counter terrorism (as a result of a Japanese cult attack in 1994, the  9.11 attach in US 2001 )
None are positive… Although some local authorities are trying to bring the bins back on the streets, it looks like we must carry back our trash for the time being.

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Thank you to all of our guests today. We hope you enjoyed the tour and wish everyone a safe and an exciting stay in Japan. Please also enjoy the sunny spell as much as possible.
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(Report by Asako)
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