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Tour Report on Mar.11,2017

Tour Report on Mar.11,2017
Today we welcomed 34 guests from US, Taiwan, Australia, France, Germany, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Korea and Canada.
It was a nice and chilly day for a stroll in the park.
Considering the time of the year, not many colors are in the garden but we were able to witness the last plum blossom in the winter sun, meaning that spring and cherry season is just around the corner. 

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This tour day was Mar.11,  an unforgettable day for most of us in north and eastern Japan.
6 years ago at exactly 2:46 PM on a Friday afternoon, a massive earthquake of Magnitude 9 hit northeast Japan, triggering  the great tsunami and nuclear leak at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant that left around 20,000 people killed or missing.
Homes, offices and rice fields along the coastline were wiped out by sea water.
On the same day I was at my office in metropolitan Tokyo. Everyone felt 2 continuous strong quakes that struck as if it was the end of the world. Power and all public transportation stopped this day, forcing most of office workers and people a good 4 to 12 hour walk back to their homes.
It has been a long time since then, and it seems like the memories of the disaster are eventually fading away among most of us.However at the same time every small quake we experience now gives us a sense of fear that our mediocre lives could change into a living hell only within a minute.
Prayers go to all who have lost their lives and the close ones in this horrific event.
Thank you for all of our guests today. We hope you enjoyed the tour and wish everyone a safe and pleasant stay in Japan.
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(Report by Asako)

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