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Tour Report on March 1, 2016, Tuesday (Weekday Tour)

Tour Report on March 1, 2016, Tuesday (Weekday Tour)
Today we welcomed guests from USA, Ukraine, Turkey, Korea, UK, Switzerland and Australia.
The wind was quite cold & strong this day, and guests were shivering..
We appreciate everyone for getting through the tour with us despite this condition.
We thank our guests again for their participation, and wish everyone
a wonderful stay in Japan.
As for myself I had an opportunity to participate in the Imperial Palace tour on the next day.
Since the Imperial Palace is next to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace (where we give our free tour),I thought it would be worth a visit to understand more about the samurai era & modern Tokyo.
You need to pre-book online, and tour duration is 1.5hrs with a guide on megaphone.
English audio guides are also available. http://sankan.kunaicho.go.jp/english/
Once inside the palace ground, you could get a spectacular view of both Fujimi and Fushimi watchtowers up close, along with massive stone walls. Both are original of 17-18th century.
Fushimi watchtower is moved from the Fushimi Castle (in Kyoto) in early 1700s. Fujimi watchtower is a 3 story watchtower, which served as the main watch tower since 1657.
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Report by Asako