East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for the early birds hopping on our tour for this morning!!
It was our first time to conduct a tour on Saturday morning and
was such a great pleasure to meet around 10 guests as a nice weekend start.

As the season is gradually changing,
the weather during this week was unstable causing a lot of rain and wind.
But the spring storm has finally gone away!
No matter it was a little bit chilly outside, we were happy to
take you to Marunouchi and the East Garden of the Imperial palace within the fresh air.

The main species of SAKURA called “Someiyoshino” is coming soon but it is also nice viewing early blooming SAKURA in the East Garden.
Every spring, many parks and river banks get crowded with viewers.
You can also see many street stalls in these spots.
In one word, this activity is called “OHANA-MI” which literally means “Flower-viewing”.
Although, “OHANA-MI” does not just mean viewing. It includes chatting, eating, drinking, singing, sometimes even playing music instruments under the SAKURA with  friends, families or co-workers.

As many Japanese prefer, the scenery I like the best is “Japanese castle and SAKURA”.
Famous castles even extend their time to show the illuminated collaboration of SAKURA
and their castle during the full bloom period.
You can enjoy both the daylight scene and night scene, so don’t miss your precious chance! The illuminated period differs by the castle or spots, so please check in advance.

We TFWT are also looking forward to stroll around the East Garden with our guests to view the SAKURA . The east garden has around 240 SAKURA trees,  I hope  they are plenty enough to experience our  best season of Japan.

So please just check our TOUR CALENDAR. We hope our regular/irregular tour fits your schedule somewhere!

(posted by Noriko)