East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour report on March 17th (afternoon tour) Imperial Palace East Gardens

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much for joining our tour to the Imperial Palace East Gardens on March 17th (afternoon tour).
The tour welcomed 13 guests, including a cute little baby.

The weather was nice for walking with a cool breeze. The excitement of early spring spread over the air.
On the same day (March 17th), the Japan Meteorological Agency had just made an “official announcement” of cherry flowering in Tokyo.


Spring is the good season to do activities outside. Being a horse lover, I acknowledge spring as the best season to enjoy riding in warm and fresh air!

The interesting point of riding is how humans communicate with horses. Without exchanging any words, horses can follow humans’ intention and, in turn, riders can know how horses feel. This mutual trust and understanding has been the most difficult task throughout my 14-year-old riding experiences, but this is definitely what makes me delighted.



Horse riding is rather minor activity in Japan, since horses need vast land to be kept. Even so, I personally want more people to spend a wonderful time with horses.

If you could meet me in this tour, please tell me how you can get along with horses in your countries.