East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour report on March 24th (afternoon tour) Imperial Palace East Gardens

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We appreciate you joined the tour of Imperial Palace East Gardens on March 24th (afternoon tour). Guides were really happy more than 65 people joined our tour, what a day ! I’ve never been so happy in my life.


A lot of visitors enjoyed taking photos with full-bloomed cherry blossoms and kimonos. We prepare simple kimono costumes to enjoy taking photo at the end of our tour.

Weeping cherry called “Shidarezakura” and Yoshino cherry called “Someiyoshino” were fully bloomed on the day. Yoshino cherry is the most famous cherry blossom in Japan. It is said that the life span of the tree is about 50 to 60 years and so many trees in Japan will reach the end in a few years. Hence there is a risk to fall witches’ broom if we leave the dying tree as it is…Therefore so many trees might be hewed down after the full bloom season.

Through short conversations with visitors, I received the similar questions that “what is the difference of role between Japanese emperor and prime minister?” To put it simplify, Japanese emperor has been designated as “Symbol of Japan”. Emperor Akihito is not in charge of politics actually. On the other hand, the separation of the three powers rule Japan: executive (political), legislative, and judicial. Japanese prime minister is the leader of politics. The system is totally different from the presidential system such as United States of America.

Anyway, we also support foreign visitors to enjoy “Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival 2018” until April 8th. Surprisingly, around 1,200 Cherry blossom trees are planted at Ueno park. There are beautiful lake, zoo that is famous for cute pandas and delicious food stands for the festival too. We fully support you enjoy the festival!

“Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival 2018”

The 69th Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival 2018
Ueno Park

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