East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our weekday tour of East Garden of Imperial Palace on March 29th. We were so happy to have met all 18 guests from U.S.A., Philippines, Australia, France, Canada, Sweden and UK.

It was the perfect day to watch cherry blossoms in full bloom. Many people came to East Garden of Imperial Palace. It was a bit hot like early summer. Not only the cherry blossoms but also the azalea came out earlier than we expected.



As you know, now we can enjoy “Hanami” at many places in Tokyo. Ueno, Chidorigafuchi, Nakameguro, so on. But if you want to enjoy “Hanami” in a relaxed atmosphere with your family or friends, try to go out from the center of Tokyo.

I live in Ota-Ku, south district of Tokyo. Ota-Ku has Senzoku pond park. Senzoku pond park is at the 6th station from Gotanda Station on Tokyu Ikegami Line. Ikegami line is very short line. Senzoku pond park is suitable for strolling. It takes 15 minutes to walk around the pond. There are a lot of cherry trees along the pond. So people can see the beautiful pink cherry blossoms which look like pink crowds floating above the pond. It is perfect place for “Hanami” both day and night. I strongly recommend you to go to Senzoku pond park. The Cherry blossoms begin to fall from trees. Hurry up!

Posted by Y.Hino