East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

A big thank you to all who participated in our tour at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on March 3. The number of the guests were 22 from 13 countries of UK, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Austria, Israel, America, Canada, Australia and Taiwan. The group was divided into five. I hope all of you enjoyed walking in lovely Spring weather.

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Back in 1600 the Dutch ship named De Leifde stranded on the coast of Oita, kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island. The year of 1600 is one of the most unsettled period in the Japanese history. The ship members wanted to develop a new trading route in Asia. Then the two crews of the ship became a personal adviser to the founder and first Shogun of the Edo period, Ieyasu Tokugawa. It is astonishing that there were two European Samurai in the history of Japan.

(Sailing Route)                                                                       (De Leifde)
Firstly William Adams, the English navigator known as Anjin Miura was capable and familiar with shipbuilding, astronomy and mathematics. He taught Ieyasu geography and the basic knowledge of mathmatics, and constructed several ships on the European model for him. Ieyasu rewarded him with a fief, a residence in Edo(now Tokyo) and a high ranking position as a samurai. The Japanese name of Anjin Miura was given to him as well. Adams spared no effort to expand trade between the Japanese government and England. He married a Japanese woman and devoted his remaining life in Japan for 20 years.

(Ieyasu Tokugawa)                          William Adams(Ito Tourism Association)
Secondly Jan Joosten, the Dutch crew was the second mate on the ship and was settled in Edo. He contributed to the development of trade between Japan and the Asian countries and Holland. Joosten was also given a residence in Edo and a prestigeous samurai position like Adams. Tokyo Station is divided into Yaesu and Marunouchi sides. Yaesu is derived from Jan Joosten. Jan Joosten →Yayosu→Yaesu. He also had a Japanese wife and worked for Japan and Asia during the rest of his life.

(Jan Joosten )                                                          ( Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit)
Their footprints are left at some places such as Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka. Furthermore James Clavell’s ‘Shogun’ was shown on the television series or movie as to how Adams lived in the politically unstable period just before the decisive battle of Sekigahara later in 1600. Richard Chamberlain played the role of Adams in the movie. Meanwhile the 19 bronze cannons carried by De Liefde were reportedly used in the battle.
The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace have a number of exciting stories regarding the Japanese history and culture. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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