Thank you so much for joining Tokyo Free Walking Tour on May 12th afternoon.  We welcomed 26 guests from U.S.A., Singapore, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, U.K. and Romania.  We enjoyed walking while watching the beautiful green trees.

During the tour, I was asked from our guest what kind of Japanese food we eat every day.  The guest was wondering why Japanese women are slim.  If you think of Japanese food, what comes to your mind?  Sushi and Tempura are well known as Japanese food, however, we don’t eat Sushi and Tempura every day in general.  We eat various kind of Japanese food.  A basic arrangement of a Japanese meal consists of one kind of soup and three side dishes.  Japanese-style set menu meal is one main dish with small side dishes, a rice as staple diet and miso-soup.  You can have good balanced food. Small portion of dishes can be avoid overeating.

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In addition to that, most of Japanese girls believe thinner is better figure.  When you calculate BMI (Body mass index ⁼ Weight(kg) ÷Height(m) ÷Height(m) ), between 18.5 and 25 is categorized healthy weight.  However, many young Japanese girls want to be underweight.  Recently low carb restriction diet is trend then they stopped eating rice for thinner figure.  If you ask Japanese girls “did you lose weight? you look thin”, many of them would be happy to hear about it rather than “you look gorgeous and sexy”.   One of the top Japanese female idol group, AKB48, all members are slim and TV commercial promote slender women. I think, therefore you see many slim Japanese women in town.

Traditional Japanese cuisine, Washoku was registered as a UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage in 2013.   Forget about your diet and please enjoy various seasonal fresh food and well-balanced food during your stay in Japan!

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