East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We would like to thank all of our guests showing up from the morning this day. For this week, most of the days were covered with thick cloud and raining has lasted for long, but this day was just like a miracle. We could enjoy a comfortable walk under a blue blue sky. We welcomed energetic 8 guests from Venezuela, Chile, Croatia this day.

All the talk we had with our guests was quite interesting!! After our group had passed a tea-house next to the Ninomaru-garden, there was a simple discussion about Japanese-tea. Generally speaking, we have 3 types of tea, Green-tea, Hoji-tea, Genmai-tea.
The first green tea is very common. They pick fresh leaf and steam, then dried and crumpled. You may be served everywhere in Japanese-style restaurants. Each bending machines are also ready to serve you green tea anytime. The Hoji-tea is originally green tea but is roasted. The colour of the tea is brown. The taste, it depends on each individual since it could be described as “black tea” or “smoky” and so on. Gemma’s tea is a brend of green tea and roasted brown rice, and the colour of the tea is rather yellow. The taste is quite mild and roasty.


You can buy these 3 type of teas at  convenient stores. At convenient stores, they are usually sold by tea bags, so you can enjoy them easily at your hotel room.
Please just try them and tell us how the “Hoji-tea” tasted to you!

(posted by Nori)