East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much for joining our tour on May 26.

We welcomed 21 guests from Argentina, US, UK, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Canada, Bulgaria and Australia.
All of us enjoyed strolling in some groups in the East Gardens.

The last guide point of our tour is Ninomaru Garden which is a part of  East Gardens. .
In Tokugawa Shogunate time, this area used to be the second palace compound of Edo Castle  where Shogun`s family lived.IMG_9348

Prior to the opening of  East Gardens of the Imperial Palace in 1968, only the garden of the second palace was reconstructed at the same place as the original (Edo period) garden referring to a diagram of the mid of 18th century.
This Ninomaru Garden has a traditional Japanese garden style, so-called “a circuit style garden with central pond “ which highlights the natural landscape.
Rocks, small hills, waterfalls and a wide variety of flowers and trees are arranged around a central pond.
It shows different faces according to the season.
From  late May to  early June, Japanese irises (Sward leaved irises) are in full bloom.

84 kinds of irises are planted in the field in front of the pond.

They are very elegant and lovely now!!

If you are in Tokyo, why not come and join us?
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We are very much looking forward to seeing you!!

(Posted by H.N)