Tour Report on November 12, 2017 in Asakusa areas



Thank you for joining Tokyo Free Walking Tour in Asakusa areas.
On November 12, with the sunny and occasionally cloudy weather, we welcomed sixteen guests from the different corners of the world; South Korea, Israel, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Argentine, Brazil, Singapore and U.K.aB 集合写真Group C 集合

It was a long-awaited weather on that day.
On our previous tour in Asakusa, we had heavy rainfall and strong wind due to a powerful typhoon.
On that lovely day, at the time we arrived at Nakamise street, it was already full of visitors, and we were still moving into the shopping street.
This was because this shopping path would immediately be packed with enthusiastic visitors of Buddhist temple, Sensoji Temple.
This commercial street is the main landmark to the Buddhist establishment, which is the oldest Buddhist building in Tokyo.
Did you find your memorable and salable items at these preferable shops?

Well, let me talk about an attraction in Asakusa, Yakatabune
The Yakatabune is a Japanese-style wooden boat used for tours. For two hours, the passengers of Yakatabune can experience Japanese cuisine while sailing on various rivers in Japan.
This Japanese wooden boat is around twenty meters long, and can accommodate roughly 50 guests per voyage.
This tiny ship aims to provide entertainment to guests by sailing along places with beautiful and spectacular scenery like the Tokyo Skytree along Sumida River in Asakusa, and other neighboring areas.

At the same time, this unique boat offers multiple courses of meals.
Usual meals on the boat include authentic and delicious Japanese dishes like sashimi, grilled fish, tempura, rice and soup.
Most of the ingredients are hand-picked and cooked to perfection by skilled chefs on-board. They aim to maintain the quality of the ingredients upon serving to the guests.
Historically, these cruise ships have rich backgrounds, which go way back to the Heian Period (794-1185).
In the past, these cruising accommodations served as pleasure boats for aristocrats and the Imperial court.
In Edo period (1603-1868), wealthy merchants and high-ranking samurais chartered the decorated boat, so they could host luxurious banquets with Geisya dancers, while on-going a sightseeing tour.
Nowadays, ordinary people and visitors of Japan can experience dining while sightseeing on a Yakatabune with their families or friends.

Tokyo Free Walking Tour is a charitable organization that sends volunteer tour guides in hope of introducing Japanese cultures. The tour includes Asakusa, Meiji Shinto Shrine and the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.
Please check the calendar on our website and find your ideal tour while staying at Tokyo.
(By Arac)