East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on November 24

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you to all the guests for joining our tour.  Although it was snowing in the morning and freezing day, we welcomed 12 guests from US, Philippines and Taiwan. Thank you very much!

It was the first snow in this season, and first November snow in 54 years in Tokyo!  We had a guest from Philippines, and it was first snow experience for him! So in a sense, it was quite memorial day!  Actually, it is quite rate to have snow in Tokyo. We usually have snow day twice or three days every year. Tokyo is not snow area, so once we have snow, many public transportations get confused, i.e delay or stop. Nevertheless, we could have tour as usual.

If not snow, Tokyo is now the season of ginkgo yellow. You would find lot of ginkgo trees in Tokyo, as it is the symbol tree of Tokyo.


Symbol mark for Metropolis of Tokyo is ginkgo leave design!  image

One of the famous place for ginkgo tree in Tokyo is Meiji Jingu Gaien (Meiji Shrine Outer garden).  This place is often used for TV drama shooting or for advertisement. Along the 300m street, there are 146 beautifully shaped ginkgo trees. And in the peak season of yellow leaves, the road turns to yellow carpet.


This season, the mix of green, yellow and red leaves can be seen in many places in Tokyo, of course in Imperial Palace East Garden, also many other Japanese gardens and parks.

You can enjoy red leaves in Tokyo for another half month or so.  The weather is generally fine those days, though it is getting colder day by day.  Please visit Tokyo and enjoy beautiful season.


We have regular tour every Saturday p.m. and also some irregular tour on Sunday and weekday. When you plan to come to Tokyo, please check our website and see if there is any tour planned.   We always welcome you!


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