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Tour Report on November 26, 2017 in Asakusa

Tour Report on November 26, 2017 in Asakusa

Thank you for joining our tour in Asakusa on November 26. We had 20 guests from America, Canada, Chile, Holland, Germany, Israel, and Singapore. I hope all of you enjoyed our tour in the old part of Tokyo in spite of congestion.

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It will be a fresh experience for you to take a boat cruise and watch a different angle of Tokyo on Sumida river. There are a few routes from Asakusa. I recommend the cruise to Hama-Rikyu Gardens for autumn color viewing. It takes about 30 minutes. The boat rolls but little. The departing area of the boat around Azumabashi Bridge commands a nice view of Tokyo Sky Tree and the beer mug-shaped building of Asahi Beer company, a major Japanese beverage company.

One of the beauties of Sumida River is a bridge. Every bridge has a different shape and color. The original Ryogoku bridge was constructed after the Meireki Great Fire in 1657 when a huge number of people drowned in the river. Eitai Bridge is famous for 50 mikoshi(portable shrines) passing on the occasion of nearby Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine Festival. From this bridge high-rise condominium buildings are seen on the island where the shipbuilding industry started. The last bridge is Kachidoki Bridge which used be movable until 1970. Then you will see the world’s largest fish market,Tsukiji on the right.

Final stop will be inside Hama-Rikyu Gardens. The garden is a typical daimyo(feudal lord) garden that features a tidal pond and its water level goes up and down with the tide. It’s autumn leaf viewing season now. The leaves are turning red and yellow. The garden was originally constructed as a residence for a daimyo and had duck hunting grounds during the Edo period. Then later it belonged to the Imperial detached palace and is open to the public. Visitors can enjoy matcha at the teahouse.

Since Tsukiji Fish Market is about five minutes walk, it will be a great fun for you to walk around the bustling seafood streets. The taste of sushi may be fresher and special.

The boat cruise from Asakusa to Hama-Rikyu is available almost every thirty minutes from 9:50am to 3:20pm. The fare is 980 yen per person including the garden admission fee. An advance booking is possible. You can cruise further to Odaiba as well. Ticketing Azumabashi Bridge is located five minutes from Kaminari-mon Gate and one minute from Asakusa Station of the Ginza Line.
Why not enjoy boat cruising to Hama-Rikyu Gardens?

(posted by Yoshi)