East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on November 29 (East Garden of Imperial Palace)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much to all the guests joining the tour.  We had lovely sunny morning and we welcomed 18 guests from US, Australia, Spain, Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia and India. We divided into 3 groups.

It was very sunny and warm day as at this time of the year, and while walking we had to remove the jacket by the end of the tour!!

The East Garden is very beautiful with autumn leaves with multiple colors, -green, yellow, orange and red.  Although we don’t see flowers in Ninomaru Garden, which is famous for various flowers, still it is one of the best seasons with autumn leaves.


It’s now December!,  probably the busiest time of the year.  We enjoy Christmas, but more important for Japanese is cerebrating New Year.   Before welcoming new year, people may have many opportunities to have “forget the year” party with friends, colleagues and community, and so on.  We have drink together to forget all the past (and bad) things and wish and commit for coming year, but for some people, this is just excuse for drinking!?? and some people may have party consecutive nights!

We also prepare Christmas presents for family and friends, at the same time prepare New Year greeting card called “Nengajyo”  (although this habit is becoming less common due to the SNSs) and special cleaning up own house.  It’s busy season but at the same time, feel happy and excited with beautiful Christmas decoration in town.


Right after Christmas, all the decorations in the town will change to New Years’ one.  This is quite interesting year end scene.

Please come and enjoy the year end/ new year season in Japan.