Tour Report on October 22, 2017, Asakusa


Thank you for joining Tokyo Free Walking Tour for Asakusa area.
On that day,  22 October, we welcomed four guests; Spain, Argentina and Netherlands
We really appreciate your participation despite a terrible weather condition because we had torrential rain since early morning.

Predicted as a typhoon with an unprecedented size, strength, and scope of destruction, typhoon number 21 with the international name typhoon Lan was approaching the direction of the Kanto and Tokai regions, which include Tokyo and neighboring prefectures.
The violent storm was expected to make its landfall in those areas on Monday morning.


Not surprisingly, the gloomy weather did not chase the visitors of Asakusa away. We can still see enthusiastic visitors in every corner of the district, despite of the weather condition in Japan.

We can rarely see a huge lantern like this, folded up.


There are only two occasions when this iconic lantern is being tucked to itself.
First is during the time when it needs to give way for portable shrines. Portable shrines are usually carried out of temple compound during the Sanja festival in the month of May. The lantern is folded to avoid it getting punctured by the portable shrines.
The other time is at the moment a typhoon might hit the area. It is to prevent this historical property from being damaged by rainwater and heavy winds. At the same time, it is folded up to make it more secure and keep it from falling down and potentially hitting visitors.
This huge hanging ornament can be seen at the center of the Kaminarimon Gate, and it serves as a symbol of welcoming visitors and pilgrims to this historical town.


FInally, the Asakusa walking tour has been promoted into a regular tour, just like the Imperial Ground’s East Garden walking tour is.
It is usually held on the second and fourth Sundays of the month and it welcomes an influx of visitors wanting to experience Tokyo.
Hopefully, it could be one of the in-demand and favorite strolling tours of our Tokyo Free Walking Tour.

(By Arac)