East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on October 28,2017

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Today we welcomed 26 guests from U.S.A., Canada, Israel, U.K., Mexico, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, China, Taiwan.
It was a rainy day but our guests enjoyed beautiful scenery and taking pictures a lot !!


 In Japan when it comes to autumn. We say autumn is the best season for arts and entertainment in Japan. This is probably because it’s the time of year when art galleries and exhibits are organized.

 Have you ever heard of “Hasui Kawase” ?  From the Taisho period to the Showa period, Hasui Kawase intended to restore Ukiyo-e with new woodblock prints (Shin-hanga) and left behind many works that utilized the woodblock multicolor printing technique of Ukiyo-e.

These postcards are my favorite Hasui’s Shin-hanga prints.

Hasui’s works are as popular as ” Hokusai”and “Hiroshige ” abroad.  Steve Jobs was one of fervent collector for Hasui.  If you have a time, please go to his exhibition!

Autumn is one of the best season of the year for a walk in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. Our next tour will be on November 4th.   Come meet us at the Marunouchi Central Gate at Tokyo station by 13:00.

We hope to see you next tour !  

Reported by Keiko