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Tour Report on October 29, 2017, Meiji Jingu & Takeshita Street

Tour Report on October 29, 2017, Meiji Jingu & Takeshita Street

Thank you for joining Tokyo Free Walking Tour for Meiji Shinto Shrine&Takeshita Street area.

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On that day, 29 October, we welcomed four guests; U.K., South Africa, Canada, Singapore and Brazil.
We really appreciate your participation despite a terrible weather condition.


Typhoon number 22, internationally called as typhoon Saola, was heading to the direction of the sea on the east side of Japan.
Gradually decreasing in strength and intensity, Saola left torrential rain in Tokyo, since early morning, and was expected to head to the northern part of Japan.
Even under the circumstances of rain and cloudy skies, we still conducted our tour. We started the tour in front of a big Tori, or a Shinto shrine gate.

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We proceeded to the main shrine building of the Meiji Shinto Shrine. On our way, we encountered some displays in the shrine compound.
One was a showcase featuring Kiku, or Chrysanthemum. The other display showcased bonsai plants, or miniaturized trees.
These plants gave us fairly adequate amounts of topics that we used to introduce different aspects of Japanese culture.

Immediately before reaching the shrine’s main building, there was a heavy downpour. We waited for the rain to stop while spending time in the shrine.
Despite the gloomy weather, most of the guests remained energetic enough to arrive at our final location which is in Takeshita Street.
We were extremely moved by the guests’ curiosity and interest in Japanese culture.

Currently, this tour, from Meiji Shinto Shrine to Takeshita Street, is held on a trial basis.
We, the tour guides, are eagerly awaiting for you to participate in our Tokyo Walking Tours. We will be preparing appealing and interactive materials and topics to welcome and share to you the culture of Japan.

(By Arac)