East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our TOKYO free walking tour heading to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on September 28. We welcomed over 20 guests from Singapore,USA,UK,Poland,France,India,Australia,Germany,Spain,&c making 3 groups, and enjoyed the tour and the conversation each other.

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Some guests come Japan to enjoy RUGBY WORLD CUP JAPAN 2019, others said by coincidence! During the tour, we took the group photo in front of the RUGBY WORLD CUP monument on the GYOKO-street. One guest asked me if she can watch SUMO wrestling, we can see regular SUMO tournament every two months, and sometimes have one day SUMO tournament as the regional tour. Since regular SUMO tournament finished last week and she had only two weeks, i said this time might be difficult to watch it. But she said only one game would be enough just only watching it, therefore i recommend she might be able to watch the training at East TOKYO area and look for it on the internet. Hope she enjoy SUMO training!

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After the tour, RUGBY WORLD CUP had the game between our JAPAN versus one of winner candidate Irish. I heard we can watch at the public area(please see tour report Sep/18) though, this time was full. So if you would like to come there, the game of Japan especially weekend, it’s better to go earlier.

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For more information about our tour, please visit our East Gardens of the Imperial Palace tour site, Facebook, and TripAdvisor page!

(Posted by Yoshi)