East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on September 16, 2017

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you all the guests for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour. We are honored to have around 25 guests from the different corners of the world like Malaysia, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Peru, Mexico, and the U.S.

We started from Tokyo station and strolled around the central Tokyo, Marunouchi business area, and the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.tour1



Although typhoon is hitting in Japan, luckily, we had a comfortable time without getting wet with rain. Also, we enjoyed autumn flowers, red spider lilies and pine trees in the garden.tour3

It’s said that autumn is a good season for sports or reading in Japan. Please let us introduce ①Japanese national sports, “SUMO” wrestling and ②a Japanese popular comic book, “HIKARU NO GO.”

Sumo is a match between two sumo wrestlers. A wrestler wins when he drives opponent out of the ring or when a part of the opponent’s body touches the ground. There are 6 annual tournaments held at different cities. An autumn tournament is being held now.


“Go” is a Japanese traditional board game of capturing territory. It was in the news that AI(Artificial Intelligence) defeated human players in “Go” matches as well as chess ones. “HIKARU NO GO” is a comic book which describes main character HIKARU’s growth through “GO” and created a “GO” boom in Japan. English version is also published.


We hope you enjoy autumn in Japan by trying some Japanese cultural things.
Lastly, we wish you all a safe and wonderful stay in Japan.


(Posted by A. Kuno)