Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Tour Report on September 2 MeijiJingu and Harajuku

Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Today in Tokyo it was raining and temporally  heavily. We are grateful for our nine guests from all over the world who joined, regardless of the bad weather conditions.


.jpg      Group A集合

Group C 集合 (1)


Meiji Shrine is famous for its religious  meaning, but I think Meiji Shrine has another aspect. Let me introduce.

Group A2       A group 1

B 竹下通2     B 太田美術館

B 原原宿駅

In Meiji Shrine Meiji Emperor and Shoken  Empress spirits are enshrined. And this year our country has welcomed 150 year anniversary of the Meiji Restoration. Meiji Restoration means the change from ‘samurai’ warrior’ governing system to democratic governing system. And Meiji Emperor was the first emperor ofthe new era. And at the beginning  of the Meiji period, Meiji Emperor declared the 5 pledges to the world. Along this approach to the main hall the signboard where the 5 pledges are written is built.


Simply speaking , the content of this 5 pledges is as follows;

We must carry out discussions, and all politics decisions must be decided by public opinion.

We should abolish bad old traditions of the feudal period, and we should absorb advanced knowledge, culture from foreign countries. Meiji Shrine is the good place for us to remind the beginning of democracy.

Thank you for your joining  our tour today, we hope all of you will have a good day in Japan.

( posted  by  Masahiko.Sato )