Tour Report on September 27,2016(Weekday tour)

We welcomed 8 guests from Switzerland, U.S.A, Belgium, and Italy.

We divided the guests into 3 groups and started our tour  at 10:00 am

from Tokyo Station. It was cloudy and so humid.


By good smell of “Kinmokusei” or frangrant olives

we could feel the beginning of autumn.


In the garden  we also could see “Jugatsuzakura” or literally

“October cherry blossoms”.

The pink flowers were so cute.


Thanks to all the guests for joinning and having a good time with us.

Please enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan.

TFWT’s regular tour is held on Saturdays 13:00-15:00.

If you are in Tokyo on the day, why not come and join us?

Please check the tour calender on our website.

And also please visit facebook and tripadvisor.

(reported by Keiko N.)



One thought on “Tour Report on September 27,2016(Weekday tour)

  1. I have just saw this post from my visit to Japan back in 2016. The tour was fantastic, all guided did such a great job explaining about history. I was very impressed! Way to go TFWT!!!

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