Thank all the guests for joining our tours on September 9 in Asakusa. We welcomed 16 guests from Israel, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam and U.S.A. It was nice weather, but very hot and humid despite September. Nevertheless, I hope all of you enjoyed walking with us.




September 9 is Disaster Prevention Day.That day means 9 (kyu) for September and 9 (kyu) for 9th day. Indeed it’s a pun of ‘kyu-kyu’ representing emergency in Japanese. This is to deepen the correct understanding and awareness of emergency medical care and services among the citizens. It was established in 1982 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Hence, we saw the ambulance vehicle for demonstration between the Sensoji Temple main hall and Asakusa Shrine. As Japan tends to be geographically damaged by natural disasters, people’s interest in calamity prevention increases every year.

As some of you may notice, there are various types of komainu(stone guardian dogs) in Asakusa Shrine. On the main approach there is a pair of komainu. Komainu is unique to a shrine and an imaginary creature protecting the area from the evils. In addition there is another komainu right after the entrance silently laid aside on the right. This is a cute couple standing close to each other and sharing a red umbrella. As it is believed that praying to this komainu  ensures to make a good match and happy marriage. Thus, many couples come to meet with this charming couple hoping to fulfill the love. They are small statues which can easily be missed.

When you visit Asakusa Shrine, please look for the beautiful couple in the precincts.

We are looking forward to walking with you in our tours in Asakusa soon.


(posted by Nissy)