Ueno Park

Ueno Park tour on May 12

Ueno Park

A new walking tour will be held at Ueno Park on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month starting from May 12 at 1:30pm.

As we have the existing tour in Asakusa in the morning and afternoon on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, you can combine the Ueno Park tour with the Asakusa morning tour if you wish. In other words, our Asakusa tour starts at 10am and finish around at 11:30 and you may move to Ueno by Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (the third stop) in time for the Ueno Park Tour. Of course, with a sufficient lunch break.

Asakusa Sensoji Temple is the Tokyo’s oldest temple known for the symbolic Kaminarimon-gate and the atmosphere of the old Tokyo remains strong. About 30 million people are said to visit the temple every year. The Japan’s oldest Nakamise Shopping street, Pagoda, huge waraji sandals and the main hall where the sacred Buddhist statures are housed.

On the other hand, Ueno Park was the site of Kaneiji Temple, the largest and family temple of the ruling Tokugawa family for 270 years during the Edo period. Apparently, the Park is a cultural mecca and has full of attractions including museums, historic buildings, Spring peony garden (until May 12, an admission fee), street performance, starbucks etc. Tokyo National Museum is currently showing the breathtaking arts from Toji-Temple Kyoto.

Now Spring is the time of matsuri(festivals) in Japan. In the shitamachi (traditional areas) on the eastern part of the city two major matsuri will be held very soon. They are shinto festivals, Kanda matsuri for Kanda Myojin Shrine and Sanja matsuri for Asakusa Shrine. The events are held on May 9-15 and May 16-19 respectively. The highlights of the matsuri are the parade of a number of powerful mikoshi(portable shrines) carried by the people through the city streets to pray for a good harvest and prosperous business. Both are the two of the most spectacular festivals in Japan. If you are around, it will be an exciting experience for you to have in Tokyo.

In addition, Japan is in a festive mood celebrating an imperial succession that occurred by abdication rather than by death. We now have a new Emperor and a new era ‘Reiwa’. Naruhito, 59 is the first Japanese emperor born after World WarⅡ. The 85-year-old former Emperor Akihito had decided to retire due to his declining fitness level and handed over his public duties to his son, Naruhito. Akihito was the first Japanese emperor to step down in about 200 years and became Emperor Emeritus. We believe that the new Emperor and Empress will be a good symbol of the nation with an international sense.

The Ueno Park tour starts on May 12 at 1:30pm and the meeting point is between the Park Exit of JR Ueno Station and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. It can be accessed from the Ueno Stations of Tokyo Metro (Ginza Line and Hibiya Line) and Keisei as well. The tour takes about two hours. We offer the enjoyable Japan experience for all the guests and believe that you will be satisfied with our guide. We are looking forward to seeing you then.

(Posted by Yoshi)