Ueno Park

Ueno Park Tour scheduled on April 29/National Treasures of To-ji Temple

Ueno Park

Although cherry blossoms have fallen at Ueno Park, Tokyo National Museum is displaying the breathtaking arts of Esoteric Buddhism from Toji-Temple Kyoto.
To-ji Temple has the 1200-year history which is the Japan’s first esoteric temple associated with Kukai or Kobo Daishi. Toji-Temple is designated as a world heritage
property and a number of the treasures are gathered together from the Temple.

The special exhibition features an extraordinary 15 out of 21 Buddhist statues counting 11 national treasures and 4 important cultural properties housed at the Lecture Hall
of To-ji Temple. In addition, outstanding paintings, calligraphy and fancy artworks representing the pinnacle of Esoteric Buddhism are also on display. All of these objects
are handed down for nearly 1,200 years at To-ji Temple since its establishment.
Shingon Buddhism was founded by Kukai, one of the most influential monks and demonstrates Kukai’s world representing ultimate happiness and enlightenment. Mt. Koya is its birthplace and has been the object of pilgrimage from ancient times. You will be mesmerized by the dignified beauty and taken to the unrealistic world.
It is recommendable to see this special performance regardless of whether you will go to Kyoto or not because the major items are now in Tokyo during the exhibition period. It  continues to be held until June 2 at Tokyo National Museum. In addition, you can also see the permanent collection of the great cultural and historical art treasures at several buildings such as Japan gallery and Asian gallery. Admission is 1600 yen. It’s worth pay money for that.

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Our next tour at Ueno Park is scheduled on April 29. The tour starts at 1pm and the meeting point is between the Park Exit of JR Ueno Station and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. The tour takes about two hours. We offer the pleasant Japan experience for all the guests and believe that you will be satisfied with our guide. Our guides will be waiting for you with Tokyo Free Walking Tour flag.

(posted by Yoshi)