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Tokyo Now #26: Ume, Japanese Plum, in full bloom

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Plum Blossom are messengers of Spring at the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

As of today, Tokyo is under pre-emergency measures for Covid 19 pandemic. Number of newly infected person has sharply increased since the end of the last year, and is still high but getting peak out.

Feb 23rd is the Emperor’s birthday and a National Holiday in Japan. Normally, many people gather at the Imperial Palace to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday, but this year the ceremony was canceled and the area around the Imperial Palace was quiet.

The people of the East Garden of the Imperial palace were also sparse and the time was going by very slowly. In the garden, there is the place where about 50 plum trees are planted. Like pine and bamboo, plum is considered to be an auspicious tree in Japan.

And above all, Plum Blossom is a messenger of spring in Japan. We enjoy them in February, then welcome Cherry Blossom from late March through beginning of April. Spring will come soon in this garden.