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Unpredictable typhoon crosses from East to West – July 28, East Garden of the Imperial Palace

Unpredictable typhoon crosses from East to West – July 28, East Garden of the Imperial Palace

Luckily, scorching heat seemed to sooth down after lasting for  20 days.
But what came next was an “unpredictable typoon”.
We fixed our eyes on the weatherforcast anxiously but were  happy to draw a conclusion that we would be able to conduct our tour at the last minute since the storm would not hit us during the tour and the transportation was in usual operation.

Despite such a weather condition,  it was our huge pleasure meeting each of our guests.
We had an AM tour and an PM tour this day and welcomed 24 guests in total.
Thank you for coming from U.S.A., Canada, U.K. Israel, Hungary, Australia, Taiwan.

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As there were not many People on the streets, we were able to rather enjoy the quiet
Marunouchi and Imperial Palace like our private area.
In the middle of  both of our tours, there was  a ‘mad’ rain time for about 20 minutes,
but for the rest, we were able to walk comfortably through the garden without an umbrella.
And more to say, this season, the color of the greenary in the east garden could be a real relief !! Let’s go through the historical area with a lot of greenary, stone walls, and so on.

As the typhoon was predicted to reach Tokyo in the evening,
the famous Sumida River Firework Festival had been postponed to next day.
We felt sorry for our guests whom expected to go to see it but hope everyone was able to
find another activity to replace your entertainment in this wide city of Tokyo.

Every Saturday we look forward to meeting you. On the other hand,  we have to announce that our country is experiencing unusual weather this summer with heavy rain and intensive heat. Please keep your eye on our Facebook for possible changes in our tour schedule.

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(posted by Nori)