East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Weekday Tour of the East Gardens of Imperial Palace on April 24th

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much for joining our weekday tour to the Imperial Palace East Gardens on April 24th. We welcomed 26 guests from USA, Israel, UK, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia, and Turkey. We divided our guests into 4 groups.

Unfortunately, It was raining, but everyone enjoyed walking in the gardens with full of nature. The season of the cherry blossom is almost over in Tokyo though, some double cherry blossoms were blooming, and we could see other beautiful flowers and lush greenery. Especially we enjoyed walking in the Ninomaru Japanese style garden. The pond, carps, stones, waterfall, trees and flowers made us feel calm. Around Ninomaru garden many Azaleas were beautifully blooming. So guests enjoyed taking a lot of photos.

Azalea is very common in Japan. We can see many azalea bushes in various places such as streets, parks or gardens. One of the famous places for viewing azalea is Nezu Shrine, which is one of Japan’s oldest shines. It has a famous spacious hillside garden with thousands of azalea bushes including Goyo tsutsuji azalea, the symbol of princess Aiko. This week I visited there and I could see many kinds of azalea blooming beautifully pink, white, red, and purple.

Nezu shrine is a 20-minute walk from Ueno Park, so you can fully enjoy the both historical and beautiful places on the same day. We have Ueno Park tour on April 29th. We are looking forward to seeing you in the tour!

Also we have other tours this weekend, the East Gardens of Imperial Palace and Asakusa tour. Please check the tour schedule on our website.  We hope we can see many people joining our tours!

(posted by Kaori)