East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining us. We welcomed 13 guests from US, Spain, and Germany. We divided the guests into 3 groups and started our tour at 1:00 pm from Tokyo station. Each group has 2 guides, so all guests and guides were able to enjoy conversation while walking.


It was a perfect day for walking however still a little early in the cherry blossom season.

Cherry blossom is in full bloom in early spring from late March to the middle of April.The period of bloom depends on the area and the year. In this year, the beginning of bloom would be March 21 in Tokyo according to the forecast. One significant aspect of the blossom is that once it blooms, it lasts only about one week. People enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms not only from the moment the flower bud fully opened, but also throughout the period while they scatter away.When the patals are falling, we see the “hana-fubuki” phenomenon, a snow shower of blossom. It is a particularly breathtaking moment.


Thanks again to all the guests for joining and having good time with us.We have been introducing our activities at Facebook and Trip adviser.If you have joined our tour,please check them,and give us your comments or feedbacks.

TFWT is going to hold a walking tour at Ueno Park on March 21 at 1pm. Ueno Park has the historic temples and shrines as well as museums. In addition, the park is famous for a “HANAMI” spot in Tokyo and the most symbolic cherry tree, Somei-yoshino is just about to bloom. Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from March 21 to April 7. You can expect to enjoy not only cherry blossoms but also many events.


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