East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We’ve reopened East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour on Sep.24!

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining us on September 24. Tokyo Free Walking Tour have reopened our tour on the day and we welcomed the first guests in this two and a half years! It was super happy for us to see and guide all of you around Tokyo station and the east garden of the Imperial Palace.

First half of the tour, we walk in the modern city. Then go to an old place.

One guest joined us on the way of tour. Anyone can participate anytime and any point of our tour without reservation if the tour is not full. Please try to join our tour even if you didn’t book.

There is one old building named Hyakuninbansyo in the park. It was used as a guardhouse and many Ninjya were working there. 

She is demonstrating how a Ninjya walks.

You can enjoy to walk around the Japanese garden in the park.

Some special Koi fish are in the pond.

What do you think this object is?

Thank you again to visit our tour. It was very very very nice to see you!

We schedule more tours on October.

October  2. (Sun)  Meiji Shrine and Harajyuku  at10:00

October 12. (Wed)  East Gardens of the Imperial Palace  at 10:00

October 22. (Sat)    East Gardens of the Imperial Palace  at 13:00

October 23.(Sun)    Asakusa  at 10:00

October 23.(Sun)    Ueno Park  at 13:30

Please make your reservations from our Tour Calendar!