East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

What is drawing attention to the people in the East Garden of Imperial palace? Sept.07 2019

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Hello, viewers!! Suddenly, a quiz for you. What do you think is drawing attention to the people  in the above pic? ①Sunglasses accidentally fell into the pond.②No one has seen such a huge turtle taking a sunbath at this place. ③Colorful carps with long fins and tails are swimming  so elegantly.



We very much appreciate our guests energetic enough to  join our tour last day. We could welcome 15 guest from coutries as the U.S.A,  Mexico, Columbia, Germany, Austria, Poland. It was an extremely hot day, so hot as like another mid summer day of last month, but we could have a blessful time sharing the Japanese history and cultural talk with all of you.

The sun shone on the water, the asphalt path, the Japanese Garden so clearly this day. The blue sky was just perfect to take any photos.  And also the evergreen colored trees, grass, lotus were so refreshing to our eyes.

After the tour, we were happy to see our guests enjoying the TFWT Instant Kimonos. All of you looked so cool and lovely in the Japanese style!!

Oops…!! I almost forgot to give the answer of  the first quiz.

On our tour course, you can usually see the beautiful carps (koi)mixed with Indonesian and Japanese carps. They are really rare species since the former Emperor Akihoto suggested to have this this gorgeous blend.  Please don’t miss your chance to meet them!!

For more information about our tour, please visit our East Garden of the Imperial Palace tour, , and Tripadvisor page!

(posted by Nori)