East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

What is special about Japan? March 16 the East Garden Tour

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Many thanks to guests coming from all over the world.

On that day for the East Garden of the Imperial Palace tour, we welcomed 25 people from Israel, USA, Russia, Phillipinnes, Serbia, and Canada and divided into 3 groups.

It was fine and warm afternoon. We really enjoyed the tour.

Many foreigners visit Japan to find something special only seen in Japan. This coming spring, cherry blossoms will be the one.

But there are many more special things foreigners can find in Japan. One very good example is “SNOW MONKEY,” which we call Nihon-zaru (Japanese monkey). Why Japanese monkeys are called that name is that monkeys are supposedly inhabitants in tropical areas such as jungles in Africa or Southeast Asia.

But in Japan monkeys live in a snowed mountain like Jigokudani in Nagano prefecture. The place has become a big tourist attraction because wild monkeys come to bathe in hot spring in the snowed mountain. Meaning the monkeys are the world’s northernmost living primates except humans. Visitors can easily approach to the monkeys and observe their livelihood. It is not a zoo but wild monkeys habits.

We are the very guides who can share such good information, so please ask us what special thing you can find in Japan.

So now we would like to introduce you our special guide tour to UENO Park, scheduled on March 21 at 1pm. Ueno Park has the historic temples and shrines as well as museums. In addition, the park is famous for a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot in Tokyo and the most symbolic cherry tree, Somei-yoshino is just about to bloom. The blooming peak may be at the end of the month or beginning of April depending on the weather. The meeting place is between Park Exit of JR Ueno Station and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. It will be accessed from Ueno Stations of JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza/Hibiya Line and Keisei Line. The tour takes about two hours. Join us to enjoy nature and culture at Ueno Park.