Views from the rooftop of Asakusa Information Center

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour in Asakusa.
On the day of our two-guided tours, on the 27th of January, we welcomed 12 guests on our walking tour.
These people came from different regions of the world, including Uruguay, Australia, Argentina and U.K.

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Winter season has definitely come, and one of the signs of winter in Japan is the sub-zero temperature that Hokuriku and other northern areas have been experiencing everyday.
Meanwhile, on the Pacific side of Japan, areas including Tokyo have been subjected to an ideal winter weather.
The daytime temperatures around these stretches occasionally reach 10 degrees, and it is much warmer than what we have expected.
This is the seasonal atmosphere in Japan right now.
Under these circumstances, we met 12 friendly people who were our guests for our historical strolling tour of this town, that lasted for 90 minutes.


All of the participants were divided into three groups and several guides were assigned to each group to accompany them.
The groups’ starting point was Asakusa Information Center and we climbed to the rooftop of this building so that we can see better views of Asakusa.


Going through Kaminarimon Gate, which is the entrance of the Buddhist temple, we were strolling five locations along with our tour routs.
Final attraction was Asakusa Shinto Shrine, which is the good subject to discussing what the Shintoism is,  and what the Buddhism is.
This is because both of the deities share the same compound and warmly welcome all of the visitors there.

As was notified and featured on our previous blog, Ueno park tour is coming soon.
We will briefly introduce this peaceful green as the new location for potential guests.

@@@ The Ueno Park @@@
Ueno park is part of the town of Ueno, located in the northeastern side of Tokyo. This place is accessible from major highly-urbanized areas like Ginza and Shinjuku, and historical districts of Asakusa and Yanaka.
The park was established in 1876 as the first park in Japan. Spanning 530, 000 square meters, the width of Ueno Park is equivalent to Tokyo Dome Stadium enlarged by 11 times.
This historical park is customarily referred to as “Ueno’s village of art and culture” because it nestles a lot of museums, religious structures and academic buildings in its huge space.
These establishments have greatly contributed to the introduction of the historical, cultural, and scientific understanding of Japan to other nations.
Aside from its extensive educational facilities, this large park also boasts two other attractions.
During springtime, this area becomes a natural feature that usually is one of the “top places to visit” for enthusiastic visitors who wants to see and admire cherry blossoms.
Aside from that, this peaceful park is also blessed to house a notable sanctuary for animals, the Ueno Zoo.
Along with the establishment of the park in 1882, Ueno Zoo, the first zoo in Japan, was also opened. It has since then captured the heart of animal lovers, who can visit this attraction all year round.
This zoo serves as a habitat for adorable animals like pandas, monkeys, and other admirable ones.
Come and explore the serenity, the culture and the history that is Ueno park.

(By Arac)