East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


Tour Report on Jan.18,2020(the East Garden of the imperial Palace)

  • 2020.01.19

Tour Report on Jan. 18.2020. (The East Garden of the Imperial Palace) Thank you for choosing our regular tour of The East Garden of the Imperial Palace. We welcomed 5 guests from Australia. It was a light rain but we enjoyed two and half hour walking with our gusts. We watched some plum-blossom. Japanese love plum-blossom viewing in February and pickled plum that is called “Umeboshi” in Japanese. It’s very sour. Have you tried? We had a family of five members. One of them was the youngest daughter who was so cute named “Emma”. Japanese “Ema” means 絵馬.(絵is picture. 馬is horse) “Ema” is a votive picture tablet which we offer to a shrine or temple when we pray for something of after our prayers are answered. The table sometimes gears a picture of a horse from the fact that people once dedicated a living horse. In may case, I drew a“Ema” and dedicated when my daughter got pregnant. She got a cheerful baby. Please go to shrine or temple and draw a “Ema” and pray when you want to make a wish. Posted by Akiko.  

Tour Report on Jan. 11, 2020 (The East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

  • 2020.01.13

Thank you for joining our regular tour of The East Garden of the Imperial Palace. We welcomed 19 guests from South Africa, Columbia, Russia, Greece, Germany, Australia, USA and Spain. It was perfect day to enjoy the walking tour. We enjoyed two hour walking with our guests. Today, the second Monday of the January is our National Holiday  “ Coming-of-Age Day”. Young people who was born in 1999 and 2000 celebrate their grown-up. You can see many young women wearing the long sleeved kimono around the city. It is so gorgeous! Japanese kimono especially women’s kimono is difficult to wear not only for other country’s people but also for Japanese. However, we offer the opportunity to wear kimono easily. We are preparing  “ One touch Kimono” that can be easily worn. Anyone is possible but it depends on the weather.  If you have about five minutes more after our tour, try it on!  You can take a picture in a typical Japanese place. Of course it is free! Posted by Yumi.H  


  • 2020.01.05

Thank you very much for joining our tour on 4th January. It was the very honorable first tour to East Garden of the Imperial Palace by TFWT in 2020. It was a little bit chilly but good sunny day for walking around outside. We welcomed 17 guests from Singapore, South Africa, USA, Germany, India and France. We really appreciate choosing our volunteer tour to spend your valuable time during stay in Tokyo and hope you enjoyed New Year’s quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.   During the tour today, I heard our guests talking to each other about Japanese Ramen, like which Ramen shop have you been to so far in Tokyo and what style of Ramen do you like best? Ramen is a popular Japanese dish of wheat noodles and comes in many varieties. Let me list up some common types of ramen below. Shoyu Ramen (Soy source flavored ramen and normally the taste is not too thick. It is common all over in Japan) Tonkotsu Ramen (It uses pork bone broth and rich taste. Kyushu is famous for Tonkotsu Ramen) Miso Ramen (Soybeans flavored ramen. Hokkaido is famous for Miso Ramen) There […]

Tour report on Dec. 21, 2019 (The East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

  • 2019.12.22

  Thank you for visiting our website! Our guests often ask us “why do you do this volunteer guide activities?” Answers differ by each member. But we all have same reason “because all of our guests are so wonderful and we are encouraged to do this, enjoying communication with guests from all over the world!” Yes, the same applied to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace tour on December 21 (Sat).  Though it was a pretty cold & cloudy day, we welcomed 7 guests from Australia, France, New Zealand & Singapore.  Thank YOU very much for your joining to our tour! As the benefit of relatively small number of guests, we could offer semi-private tour for our guests. ***************************************************** By the way, it feels like the year’s coming to an end. Let me introduce seasonal topics in Japan.   The winter solstice, called Touji, falls around December 21st or 22nd (December 22nd this year).  Touji represents the advent of winter. We are heading to coldest season. But at the same time, we also consider it is the start of spring because daytime will become longer day by day after Touji. For the day, we have such traditional customs, eating […]

Tour Report on 14 December 2019, Winter has already started in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

  • 2019.12.15

Many thanks to 13 guests from Brasil, Singapore, USA and Australia. We divided into 3 groups. The weather was mild and unexpectedly warm like spring time despite the winter season has already started in Tokyo. The colors of foliage in the East Garden was very vivid because of winter sun rays. Guests could also enjoy clear reflection of the foliage colors on the water. But we are already in the winter. Normally going outside is hard thing to do. Then you might notice many people on the streets wearing surgical masks in Japan. That surprises foreigners. Especially in this cold season, more people wear masks. Foreign guests ask us why they are wearing it. That is one of most frequently asked questions by foreigners because it is a very unique custom of Japan. The answer is we wear this not to spread disease when we get a cold or fever. Mask is believed to block virus and germs from the mouth. But experts claim micro virus cannot be blocked by paper or cotton made masks and can easily go through the fabrics. Actually, it is rather a manner to tell others that you do not intend to spread disease even […]


  • 2019.12.10

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Dec 7. We welcomed 5 guests from Australia, Israel and Spain. The weather was a little chilly with light rain but we could enjoy our walking tour and great conversation very much. From November 21 to December 8, the Daijokyu, the complex specially built for the Daijosai, an important ceremony accompanying the enthronement of the Emperor, was opened to the public. Imperial Palace opened Inui Street to public for autumn foliage as well. We also enjoyed viewing autumn colors at the East Garden. Thank you for joining our tour. We are looking forward to seeing you again. For more information about our tour, please visit our web site at https://tfwt.jp/top/east-gardens-of-the-imperial-palace/, https://www.facebook.com/ , TokyoFWT or Tokyo Free Walking Tour at https://www.tripadvisor.jp/ (Posted by Tank)

Illumination Spots in Tokyo: The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 30th Nov 2019

  • 2019.12.01

Thanks to all the guests for walking and talking with us on 30th November! We welcomed 12 guests from US, Philippine, Israel, German, and Sweden. The Imperial East Garden area is crowed with people visiting this area to look the Daijokyu ceremonial building, but guests enjoyed walking and learned about Japanese history. In today’s report, I’d like to introduce the illumination spots of this year in Tokyo that I couldn’t answer well to the tour guest a few weeks before. (1) Shibuya Park Street to Yoyogi Keyaki Street: Motif of this illumination spot is Blue Color. The trees on the street are decorated with 600,000 blue LEDs. JR Shibuya or Harajuku station is best to come. (2) Ebisu Garden Place: Main object of this spot is the Baccarat Chandelier illumination, which height is 5m and width is 3m. JR Ebisu station is best. (3) Roppongi Mid Town: Theme of this spot is Cosmic Space. Wide lawn area beside the Roppongi Mid Town building is decorated with illumination. Roppongi Metro station is best. (4) Marunouchi Naka Street : Trees beside the Naka Street are decorated with “Champagne Gold Color” LEDs. This was my answer to the guest, because this illumination spot […]

How do you enjoy Japan’s autumn colours in reasonable ways? – Tour report of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, 28th November 2019

  • 2019.12.01

Many thanks to 3 guests joining our weekday tour. It was a cold and drizzling day, but 2 guests from Germany and 1 from Canada came to Tokyo Station. Thank you so much. We enjoyed walking and talking during the 2-hour tour.   My daughter, who is also one of the guides in Tokyo Free Walking Tour, has started working in the southeast of Osaka. She lives near Horyu-ji Temple, the very first World Heritage in Japan registered in 1993. My daughter and I visited the temple last week and were strongly impressed by the solemnity of the oldest surviving wooden buildings in the world.   I go to see my daughter at least once a month, do cleaning and cooking for her, and chat with her, which make myself soothed. However, visiting Osaka once a month has affected my family budgets! Then, last week, I tried a highway bus from Tokyo to Osaka. There are various types of buses, and what I chose was this: Only three lines of seats in one coach – each seat is independent with its own plug for electric equipment, and curtains protect one’s privacy. It takes 7 hours from Tokyo to Osaka, but […]


  • 2019.11.25

Thank  you  for  joining  our  tour  visiting  the  East  Garden  of  the  Imperial  Palace on  November 23rd.   We  welcomed  as  many  as  15 people  from  U.S.A.,  Malaysia,  Spain,  UK,  and  Canada.  Being  a  little  bit   late,   leaves  of  Tokyo  area  begin  to  color  to  yellow  and  red.     Although   we  had   rain   which   is   rare  in  this  season,  scenery  of  these  colored  trees  matches  modern  buildings  and   remains  of  old  Edo  castle  (stone  wall  and  moat  etc)  very  well. The  circumference  of   Edo  castle  is  said  to  be  6  kilometers   and  all   surrounded   by  stone  walls  and   moats,   and   these  remains   of   the  huge  castle  can  be  seen  in  many  places  near  Imperial    Palace. We   could  enjoy   these  harmonized  scenery  from  the  beginning to  the  end  of   our  tour.   Every time it is a great pleasure for us to welcome foreign guests, and guide this tour. We were very happy having been with our guests. With Tokyo Olimpic games 2020 in next year, all Japanese country are making strong efforts to welcome foreign guests. We appreciate again, and hope all of our guests will have wonderful memories. (posted by Shino.) For more information about our tour, please visit our […]

Shinto ceremony, colorful leafs, Imperial Palace and East Garden is dramatically changing day by day!! Nov.20, weekday tour

  • 2019.11.21

Many many thanks to our guests joining our weekday tour this day. It was a chilly, windy morning but we were so delighted to welcome 10 guests from U.S.A, U.K, Germany, Ireland, Holland and Australia. We could explore the East Garden with newly dressy autumn colored trees in bright yellow. slighty red, and time just flew with a lot of talks with our amazing guests. I guess this day was the last day we could enjoy the garden in a “peaceful atmosphere”for a while…since from the next day(Nov.21-Dec.8), the “Daijyo-kyu” located on the upper area of the East Garden was to be opened to the public and  lots and lots of people may be visiting the East Garden for 18 days. If you would like to know more about this Daijyo-Sai, or if you are to go to see this special building at the East Garden of the Imperial House, I recommend you to go to the exhibition held at Kokugakuin-University Museum in Shibuya. The name of the special exhibition is exactly “Daijosai”and is open till Dec.15. They try to offer Japanese/English explanation  for this special exhibition which may help you to understand a liitle bit more about this top […]

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