East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


Tour Report of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Oct. 23; Emperor Naruhito enthroned in ancient ceremony

  • 2019.10.25

Thank you for joining our tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Oct. 23. We had 13 guests. They were from Australia (2), Israel (3), Italy (2), Portugal (1), U.K. (1) and U.S.A. (4). It was a sunny and warm day, in contrast to the previous day that was a rainy and chilly holiday for the ceremony of the Enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor. Our guests enjoyed walking and taking pictures of historic sites in the autumn garden. As Rugby World Cup semi-final matches are scheduled for this weekend, many foreign visitors have already arrived. Furthermore, we had 420 leaders and dignitaries from abroad to attend the Enthronement ceremony this week. In the Enthronement ceremony held at the imperial palace on Tuesday, Emperor Naruhito proclaimed from inside of the Takamikura (traditional canopied throne) that he has ascended the throne . (Photo from the website of Prime Minister’s Office) The Emperor, the Empress, imperial family members and courtiers wore traditional formal court robes and solemnly performed the historical ritual. This majestic enthronement ceremony has been held by the imperial court since at least 8th century. People from home and abroad must have been impressed by this historic […]

What was on Honmaru turf in the East Garden? Tour report on 19 October 2019

  • 2019.10.21

Many thanks to the guests who participated in this tour. On that day we escorted 42 guests from Philippines, Italy, Malaysia, Germany, Israel, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, USA, India, Brazil, and Australia. We divided into 4 groups. It was a surprising big number of guests after one week absence. Last weekend our tours to the East Garden, Asakusa, and Ueno Park were cancelled due to the typhoon. Actually, the East Garden was closed. The typhoon left many damages to riverside residents by flooding. Death toll reached 80. It was a big disaster and very sad thing. Because of what happened, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako were heartbroken by those who suffered from this disaster and requested to postpone the enthronement parade which was scheduled to be held on October 22. The parade will be held on November 10. Only the ceremony is to be held. So many foreign leaders and diplomats are visiting Japan to attend the ceremony. In the East Garden, on Honmaru turf ground, the building for another imperial ceremony Daijo-e, in which Emperor prays for rich harvest, scheduled to be held on November 14 and 15 is under construction. Honmaru has been closed for that reason. Interestingly enough, […]

Tour report of THE EAST GARDEN OF THE IMPERIAL PALACE on 2019.10.5

  • 2019.10.06

Thank you for joining one of TFWT tours visiting the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on October 5th.   We welcomed 23 guests from USA(8), Israel(7), UK(2), Mexico(2), Philippine(2), Germany(1), Spain(1).   The day was extraordinary hot day even in October with the temperature over 30 deg C.   However, sun light becomes softer and humid comes to be milder than mid summer.  Some guests could fortunately encounter rainbow under bright sunlight at Wada-kura fountain park on the tour route.   Now, in the East Garden of Imperial Palace, several constructions are on going. As has been announced by previous post, the main one is the construction of “Daijo-kyu” in the wide open space locating at the center of East Garden. The same one was prepared at the timing of enthronement of former Emperor 31 year ago, but the construction site was entirely hidden at that time.  On the other hand, these are observable up to this tour day, fortunately.   It is said that this follows the idea of “tradition should be more open and close to public”, but the exact plan how it will be handled until the day, Nov.14th and 15th, is not officially announced until […]


  • 2019.09.28

Thank you for joining our TOKYO free walking tour heading to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on September 28. We welcomed over 20 guests from Singapore,USA,UK,Poland,France,India,Australia,Germany,Spain,&c making 3 groups, and enjoyed the tour and the conversation each other. Some guests come Japan to enjoy RUGBY WORLD CUP JAPAN 2019, others said by coincidence! During the tour, we took the group photo in front of the RUGBY WORLD CUP monument on the GYOKO-street. One guest asked me if she can watch SUMO wrestling, we can see regular SUMO tournament every two months, and sometimes have one day SUMO tournament as the regional tour. Since regular SUMO tournament finished last week and she had only two weeks, i said this time might be difficult to watch it. But she said only one game would be enough just only watching it, therefore i recommend she might be able to watch the training at East TOKYO area and look for it on the internet. Hope she enjoy SUMO training!   After the tour, RUGBY WORLD CUP had the game between our JAPAN versus one of winner candidate Irish. I heard we can watch at the public area(please see tour report Sep/18) though, […]

Rugby World Cup and Female Sushi chef, 21 September 2019, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

  • 2019.09.23

Many thanks to 24 guests who participated in this tour from USA, UK, Scotland, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile, Bangladesh, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Cambodia, Pakistan, Germany, and Spain. We divided into 4 groups. It was a cloudy early autumn day so we did not feel hot in the tour. Autumn is known to be season for sports in Japan because of mild climate. On previous day Rugby World Cup tournament began in Japan. Thanks to that event, we met some Rugby fans who were planning to view the games. So we can expect many more Rugby fans in our tours this coming 40 days of the tournament period. We are excited about that. Foreign Rugby fans should enjoy energetic muscular athletes’ hard movements in the games. Big guys tackling each other is what you’re eager to see in Rugby. These are so powerful scenes. However, there is a woman who tackled a male dominance of Japan society. She is a sushi chef in Akihabara, Tokyo. She manages a sushi bar, Nadeshiko-sushi. Traditionally women are not allowed to work in this industry. But she tackled and became a professional sushi chef who even traveled around the world to introduce greatness of […]


  • 2019.09.20

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on September 18.  We welcomed 10 guests from Canada, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, and USA. We enjoyed our walking tour and great conversation very much. Our tour starts from Tokyo station. Very fortunately, we happened to see procession of horse-drawn carriages at the Ceremony of the Presentation of Credentials at Tokyo station. During the Ceremony of the Presentation of Credentials, ceremonial horse-drawn carriages welcome newly appointed ambassadors to Japan and convey them from the Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace South Porch. We welcomed two new ambassadors from Netherlands and Slovenia.   During the tour, we encountered rain, but we still enjoyed our walking tour and great conversation. One of our guests asked us about the place they can see IKEBANA. During our tour, we didn’t have a good clue. Now we’ve got some information. IKEBANA EXHIBITION is held at Meguro, the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo from September 20th to November 13th,  2019. Ikebana is one of the traditional Japanese art in which flowers and plants are specially arranged for appreciation. It has been practiced for more than 600 years, and there are so many styles […]

Important notice on our East Gardens of the Imperial Palace tour

  • 2019.09.17

Please be advised of the recent situations that may affect our tour. The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is being prepared for a once-in-a-reign Ceremony in November by the new Emperor. Some areas of the Gardens are closed down to erect a special ceremonial complex built just for this occasion. As the Ceremony nears and the construction progresses, these close-downs may necessitate us to modify or cancel our East Gardens tour. We will keep you posted on the developments. Please also refer to our terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding!

Metro Marks in Tokyo: The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, 14th Sep 2019

  • 2019.09.15

Thanks to all the guests for joining the tour and having a good time with us on 14th September! We welcomed 34 guests and divided into 2 groups. Our group welcomed 18 guests and another group welcomed 16 guests. It’s larger than usual because it’s fine day for walking. Guests enjoyed the tour and talking with other guests in same group. Guests also enjoyed simple wearing Kimono at the tour end. Guests give us lots of questions during the tour, but most interesting question today was about Metro train. A guest wants to buy one day ticket for his sightseeing in Tokyo. Tokyo Metro offers reasonable one day ticket pass. However problem is that there are two metro train companies in Tokyo, Tokyo Metro and Toei Metro, and the reasonable ticket is available for Tokyo Metro only. He gave me a question how to know the Metro entrance which his ticket is available for? I couldn’t answer it immediately but I got the answer with help of other guides. Tokyo Metro’s mark is like character “M”, and Toei Metro’s mark is a ginkgo leaf. (Gingko tree is the represent tree of Tokyo Metropolitan.) Metro companies also sell other type of […]

What is drawing attention to the people in the East Garden of Imperial palace? Sept.07 2019

  • 2019.09.08

Hello, viewers!! Suddenly, a quiz for you. What do you think is drawing attention to the people  in the above pic? ①Sunglasses accidentally fell into the pond.②No one has seen such a huge turtle taking a sunbath at this place. ③Colorful carps with long fins and tails are swimming  so elegantly. We very much appreciate our guests energetic enough to  join our tour last day. We could welcome 15 guest from coutries as the U.S.A,  Mexico, Columbia, Germany, Austria, Poland. It was an extremely hot day, so hot as like another mid summer day of last month, but we could have a blessful time sharing the Japanese history and cultural talk with all of you. The sun shone on the water, the asphalt path, the Japanese Garden so clearly this day. The blue sky was just perfect to take any photos.  And also the evergreen colored trees, grass, lotus were so refreshing to our eyes. After the tour, we were happy to see our guests enjoying the TFWT Instant Kimonos. All of you looked so cool and lovely in the Japanese style!! Oops…!! I almost forgot to give the answer of  the first quiz. On our tour course, you can usually see the beautiful carps (koi)mixed with Indonesian and Japanese carps. […]

Tour Report on August 31th at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

  • 2019.09.02

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour on August 31th. We welcomed 16 guests from many countries like US, Germany, Spain, Israel, Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines. The weather forecast for this day was cloudy with occasional rain, but actually it was sunny and very hot. In spite of the lingering heat, we could enjoy with the guests overall and appreciated having a good time with us. Moreover, Ninomaru Garden, one of the attractive place in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, was beautiful as always. I was really glad to hear that some guests had been to Japan before. If you have never been to Japan, I recommend to go to Japan in autumn. Probably, the hot days continue, but it will be gradually comfortable to stay. Moreover, the leaves will turn red in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, so it will be very beautiful and be worth walking more. Because the East Gardens of the Imperial palace is being prepared for Daijo-sai festival, the ceremony performed by the new emperor, we cannot partly walk through the Gardens. However, we will guide the alternative course to make you fun. If you will be interested […]

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