East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


COOL “OMOTENASHI” (HOSPITALITY) IN SUMMER: The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace Tour on Aug. 17, 2019

  • 2019.08.18

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on Aug 17th. We welcomed 14 guests from USA, UK, Spain, Colombia and India, and made 2 groups with a few guides respectively. The weather was typical summer one, very hot (35℃/95℉). We really appreciate all guest for sharing your precious time together and enjoyed our tour with the guests. As we reported, the construction in “Honmaru” area is under gong for the preparation of Grand Ceremony by new Emperor in Nov. We didn’t go to there but explained how looked like Edo Castle those days. We hope all guests enjoyed a short time-trip from Japanese modern era to Edo period in 17th through 19th. According to the Japanese traditional calendar, “Risshu (beginning of autumn/fall)” was on August 7, but it is still hot and humid even in mid-August, this year. In the days when there were no air conditioners or electric fans, people were trying to cool down the hot and humid seasons. One of them is that the house was made of wooden structure with excellent ventilation. Also, in everyday life, various ideas were made, such as cooling in the evening while listening to […]


  • 2019.08.11

Thank you for all! We welcomed 30 guests from various countries such as US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Poland, South Africa, Dubai, India, Singapore and Indonesia. We divided all the guests into 2 groups and each tour took 2 hour with 2 guides. Although it was very hot and humid, we tried to choose cool area and stay in a shade as possible. From some photo below, can you feel how we were active and concentrated in our tour? There is one antique street lamp in the east garden of Imperial place. The bridge shown by photo is generally called Nijubashi, which is the symbolic bridge for Imperial palace. In 1887, this bridge was arranged with 6 street lamps. They started to use these lamps only after 10 years since great inventor Thomas Edison had launched electric lamp in US. It was brand new technology with modern design at that time. And in 1964 this bridge was secondary rearranged, 6 lamps were also renewed and one of no longer used lamps was preserved here. After that it has been placed on our tour course very quietly. Actually, we have a lot of topics in our tour. Please come and […]

Enjoy walking and talking in the Imperial Palace East Garden! Aug 3, 2019

  • 2019.08.05

Hi everybody! We had a walking tour in the Imperial Palace East Garden, which is located in the very center of Tokyo. We welcomed many guests from all over the world such as the United States, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Australia. The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor and the family. In the 17th century, it was built as a Samurai castle by the Shogun family. Now, the east part is open for public. It’s a good site to learn Japanese history and culture. And, our walking tour is the best way to understand it, because we explain every background of traditional buildings and episodes of the historical places.   Don’t worry! It’s not only educational, but also fun. Our guide members are all volunteer tour guides. Office workers, engineers, housewives, retired elders, and so on. We are all friendly locals. If you would like to have interaction with locals but you don’t have friends in Japan, our walking tour is what you are looking for! While we are walking from a site to another in the Imperial Palace, we talk many things. About Japan, your country, society, family, friends, culture, custom, sports, and anything! “Does the Emperor […]


  • 2019.07.30

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on July 27th. We welcomed total 14 guests from Russia(4), Korea(2), USA(3), Switzerland(1), Poland(2), UK(2). According to the weather forecast, it was a typhoon day, but little rain, and very scorching day. It was the Midsummer day of the Ox. Japanese eat eel to endure fatigue by summer heat and get energetic more. Originally, eel is seasonal food in winter, in Edo period, summer eel was thin and grilled eel sause was taste strong too much for eating in hot day. According to one theory, For sale eel more in summer, Hiraga Gennai was consulted by eel restaurant owner, and adviced to write on the sign board catch phrase as “ It’s the Midsummer day of the Ox! “ . They explain eating eel is good to prevent fatigue by summer heat to customers. So the habit spread to throughout Japan. However that, farmed eel controlled emvironment of temperature. And we can eat delicious eel independent season. Infront of Tokyo station, Tokyo Olympic countdown clock was placed, Please come again to enjoy Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020! Thank you everyone for sharing marvelous time together.


  • 2019.07.22

Thank you for joining our tour visiting the Imperial Palace East Gardens on July 20th. We welcomed 16 guests from U.S.A., Argentina, Singapore and India. We divided the guests and guides into 3 groups and started the tours respectively.This time in Japan, rainy seasons usually pass, but this year we are still in the rainy season. It’s hot and humid. What a long rainy season! Fortunately we took only a light shower during the tour so we didn’t need an umbrella. After the rainy season, we enjoy fireworks displays throughout the country. Some famous ones in Tokyo are Sumida(July 27), Koto(Aug. 1) and Edogawa(Aug. 3). The 8th shogun, Yoshimunu, started the Sumida river fireworks display about 280 years ago in order to comfort the deceased due to a large-scale famine.  (posted by N)

Tour report on July 17th(Weekday tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

  • 2019.07.20

  Thank you for coming our weekday tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. We welcomed 14 guests from France, UK, USA, and Mexico. We divided the guests into 3 groups and started tour respectively. Unfortunately a half of the main castle building area was closed because of preparing the Daijyosai (one of the ceremony of the Imperial inheritance). But we enjoyed the tour of that day! Last Wednesday was cloudy and so humid. But we didn’t need to use umbrellas. It was so lucky in this rainy season. We also welcomed two kid guests. They challenged charm hunting tour with their parents during the tour. They completed their mission of charm hunting tour. Congratulations! By the way, do you know that Japanese like to feel the exact season? Especially in Cha-do “Japanese tea ceremony” it is said that to show the seasonal atmosphere a little ahead of the season using the various tools like flowers, hanging scrolls, flower vases, and bowls for the tea is very important. In addition, ahead of the season is well, but delay of the season is not good. It is so important for Cha-do to match exact season or to take ahead […]


  • 2019.07.13

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on July 13th. We welcomed worldwide 12 guests from Philippine, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Finland. Divided into 3 groups with a few guides respectively. The weather was not so bad for the rainy season. Cloudy and little rain in the last minutes of the tour. 27℃ (81℉), gentle wind but very humid. We really appreciate all guest for sharing your precious time together and enjoyed our tour with the guests. Our tour explores Japanese modernization after middle of 19th and goes into the former Edo castle area (now the east gardens of Imperial palace). We had a pleasant conversation with our guest today, too. Sometimes a question from a guest brings us awareness. I love such exchanges very much. In the gardens, the preparation of the Great Thanks Giving ceremony by new Emperor, so called “DAIJOSAI” in Japanese, on Nov. 14th and 15th, is on going. A restricted access area is beginning to emerge in the preparation. However, don’t worry, we carefully select the places where we can enter in and strive to provide a satisfying tour. In Tokyo, the rainy season still continues, […]

Tour Report on Jul. 6th (Tour of The East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

  • 2019.07.07

Thank you for joining our tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Jul. 6th. We had 22 guests. They were from Australia(3), Brazil(2), Canada(5), Germany(1), Sweden(2) and U.S.A.(9). Even though in the middle of the rainy season, it did not rain and was luckily cooler than usual. Our guests enjoyed taking pictures of historic sites covered by verdure. The Star Festival called “Tanabata” based on the legend from China is held on the night of Jul. 7th in Japan. The legend is about a young couple who were separated on each side of the river. They worked hard to be allowed to meet each other once a year. Nowadays, the couple eventually changed into two stars laying along the Milky Way and people celebrate it by writing down their wishes on narrow long paper slips. Slips are hung on bamboo branches, so that their wishes will change into smoke and reach the stars to come true. These bamboos are set in many places and make people delight even in the rainy season. ( by Rei )

Enjoyed green in the heart of Tokyo: The East Garden of Imperial Palace Tour on June 29, 2019

  • 2019.06.30

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on June 29. We welcomed 15 guests from UK(2), Spain(3), USA(5), Germany(1), Canada(2), and Argentina(2). We divided them in to 4 groups. The weather was raining at the beginning but the rain let up during our tour. Once we got into East Garden, we totally forgot we were in the center of Tokyo. It was totally covered with fresh and bright green, the moisture helped to make its green much more vibrant. In the main field of East Garden, the construction for new Emperor’s traditional ceremony, Dijyo-sai, in November is on going, but we could cover the most of the viewpoints of the tour. East Garden is originated by Edo-Jyo (Edo Castle). Although there is some reconstructed old buildings, it remains mostly original Edo-Jyo’s stonewalls. Walking in the East Garden requires your imagination like how was the Japanese life, how was the social systems, how the Edo-Jyo was on those days and etc. This tour is not only 2 hours garden walk but also a trip to Edo era in your mind. All of our 4 groups enjoyed walking trough the moisture forest. Our tour is […]


  • 2019.06.23

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Working Tour on June.22. We welcomed a total of 30 guests from: UK(5), Spain(2), Sweden(4), USA(3), Russia(1), Germany(2), Australia(4), Swiss(1), Brasil(4) and Italia(4). During the tour, it rained on and off but we could enjoy the tour with all of our guests. Still enjoyable many blue colors in the east side of garden.  In the rainy season, multiple varieties of iris and hydrangea entertain us with raindrops.  So that you don’t need to worry about the weather in here.  Especially for the the Ninomaru-garden (Japanese artificial garden) which is configured to enjoy the view for all seasons. Actually our tour guide will never get tired of this view no matter how many times we guide here:) Every time we guide the tour, I really enjoy chatting with our all guests. This time, I could teach small talk in Japanese for some guests because they will take exam of JLPT (Japan Language Proficiency Test) in this summer. I’m so grad to hear about it and know many people are interested in Japan. And also another guests said they bought ORIGAMI for their souvenir and one of guests said she can make some simple products. It’s […]

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