The most popular season chosen by inbound visitors was “spring”, however we are not literally talking about their favorite season here.  This is the result of a Japanese Kanji character survey designed and conducted by a volunteer tourism organization in Tokyo Japan, Tokyo Free Walking Tour (hereafter TFWT).

Here is the survey:
Have a look at these 4 Japanese Kanji characters.
“ ”“ ”“ ”
Which of the 4 catch your attention, and why? 

This survey was conducted in a face to face style between October 14, 2018 and March 9, 2019 towards TFWT tour guests who were new to Japanese Kanji characters.  As a result, most guests pointed out “” (43%) as the eye-catching character, followed by ““(25%), ““(18%), and “” (13%).

To many of foreign visitors, “春 (HARU = spring)” seemed eye-catching because, “it looks like a house” or “it is symmetrical”.  Next popular Kanji character was “秋 (AKI =autumn)” as it “looks like lovers cuddling.  Some chose “冬 (FUYU = winter)” because of “its clean-cut and simple shape”, while others chose “夏 (NATSU = summer)” because “of its unique shape”.

Most Eye-catching Kanji Character

Here are more interesting responses:
looks like a lantern” (by a guest from Australia).
looks like a fish” (by a guest from Mexico).

Among the total of 119 responses from 21 different countries, here are the trends by national origin.  Although many chose ““= spring, their choices do not seem to have connection with the nationalities of the respondents.
* Europe is United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Trends by National Origin

Interesting outcome, isn’t it?  TFWT plans to launch many more surveys going forward, so stay tuned!

Tokyo Free Walking Tour (TFWT) is a group of volunteers in Tokyo who conduct free guided tours in English.  TFWT is registered under the Japanese government organization, Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) since 2008, with a goal to promote mutual understanding between Japan and the world.

TFWT has welcomed over 13,800 guests since 2008.  The reputable organization consists of over 200 guides including retirees and working professional with different backgrounds, stay at home mothers, and students.  Guides are dedicated to providing guests the finest hospitality and experience in Tokyo through a 2.5 hour walk in 4 of the most famous tourist sites of Tokyo.  Guests are provided historical and cultural knowledge in each tour.  TFWT strives to improve the quality of each tour as well as enjoy the cultural exchange with each guest.

Tokyo Free Walking Tours:

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  3. Meiji Shrine & Harajuku tour

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