East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


Enjoyed green in the heart of Tokyo: The East Garden of Imperial Palace Tour on June 29, 2019

  • 2019.06.30

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on June 29. We welcomed 15 guests from UK(2), Spain(3), USA(5), Germany(1), Canada(2), and Argentina(2). We divided them in to 4 groups. The weather was raining at the beginning but the rain let up during our tour. Once we got into East Garden, we totally forgot we were in the center of Tokyo. It was totally covered with fresh and bright green, the moisture helped to make its green much more vibrant. In the main field of East Garden, the construction for new Emperor’s traditional ceremony, Dijyo-sai, in November is on going, but we could cover the most of the viewpoints of the tour. East Garden is originated by Edo-Jyo (Edo Castle). Although there is some reconstructed old buildings, it remains mostly original Edo-Jyo’s stonewalls. Walking in the East Garden requires your imagination like how was the Japanese life, how was the social systems, how the Edo-Jyo was on those days and etc. This tour is not only 2 hours garden walk but also a trip to Edo era in your mind. All of our 4 groups enjoyed walking trough the moisture forest. Our tour is […]


  • 2019.06.23

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Working Tour on June.22. We welcomed a total of 30 guests from: UK(5), Spain(2), Sweden(4), USA(3), Russia(1), Germany(2), Australia(4), Swiss(1), Brasil(4) and Italia(4). During the tour, it rained on and off but we could enjoy the tour with all of our guests. Still enjoyable many blue colors in the east side of garden.  In the rainy season, multiple varieties of iris and hydrangea entertain us with raindrops.  So that you don’t need to worry about the weather in here.  Especially for the the Ninomaru-garden (Japanese artificial garden) which is configured to enjoy the view for all seasons. Actually our tour guide will never get tired of this view no matter how many times we guide here:) Every time we guide the tour, I really enjoy chatting with our all guests. This time, I could teach small talk in Japanese for some guests because they will take exam of JLPT (Japan Language Proficiency Test) in this summer. I’m so grad to hear about it and know many people are interested in Japan. And also another guests said they bought ORIGAMI for their souvenir and one of guests said she can make some simple products. It’s […]


  • 2019.06.20

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on June 18.     We welcomed 21 guests from USA, UK, Israel, Italy, Canada, Taiwan, Germany, Pakistan, and Bolivia. We divided in to 4 groups. The weather was humid and  hot like summer. We enjoyed our walking tour and wonderful conversation very much.  And we enjoyed various kind of beautiful iris flowers in Ninomaru garden. (Typical Japanese Garden) Introducing hot springs in Japan. We Japanese love onsen! It is not too much to say that Japan is a country of onsen (hot springs).  Japan is a volcanic country and one result of this is it has lots of onsen(hot springs). There are some 3000 hot springs around the country. The water quality is excellent as well. There are various colors of water depending on the water quality.  Although most Japanese onsen are colorless and transparent, there are white water called nigoriyu ,brown water, black water, and emerald green too.  It contains various minerals and provides a lot of medicinal benefits such as warming the body, stimulating circulation, increasing metabolism and relaxing your body and mind. People who have disease stay at bathhouse for long time to cure […]

A bad weather for the outdoor tour, 15 June 2019, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

  • 2019.06.16

Many thanks to 20 guests who participated in this tour from USA, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, India and Indonesia. We divided into 4 groups. The weather was terrible so it was not a very comfortable tour for all of us. We really  appreciated our guests’ patience on that day. Actually, June is a rainy season in Japan. The phrase “June Bride” does not match with Japanese climate. June is not popular wedding month in Japan. In that sense, the guests experienced a very typical June weather although it was not desirable for outdoor guide tour. It is recommended to enjoy indoor tours in such season. Where in Japan is best for indoor tour? How about Todai-ji Temple in Nara prefecture? It is a big hall and you can view middle age made Buddha statues inside. If you are interested in Buddhism, that is the place where you can spend an hour inside. Another big hall is Higashi-Honganji temple in Kyoto. There is the world’s biggest wooden-made building. Inside is a very spacious straw mat floor that you have to take off shoes to get on. Rainy season is the time when you should think about indoor tours. Within our presenting […]


  • 2019.06.08

Thank you for all! We welcomed 20 guests from various countries such as US, Philippine, Portugal,New Zealand,India,Singapore and Russia. We divided all the guests into 2 groups and each tour took 2.5 hour with 2 or 3 guides. Fortunately,it was cloudy and sometimes sunny in such a rainy season and our tour went smoothly with a help of wouderful guests. In this season, our site is full of flowers. Blue flowers are standard and lacecap hydrangea. (Ajisai and Gakuajisai in Japanese) They are just beginning to bloom. White flower is evergreen magnoria.(Taisanboku in Japanese) Big petal is impressive in early Summer. Red flower is Indian coral tree.(Kaikozu in Japanese) It is a simbol tree of Kagoshima prefecture in south Japan. Highlight is a beautiful iris in Ninomaru garden. It blooms freshly and youthfully with a plenty of rainwater. This weekend or next weekend will be the best to enjoy. And the guests wearing on special Kimono is as nice as those flowers. In our tour, we can share Japanese nature,history and dairy life. Please come and join us !! (Posted by Y.A.)


  • 2019.06.02

Thank you for joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. On that day, June 1, we welcomed around 55 guests from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Myanmar, Nederland, New Zealand, Philippine, Singapore, Sweden, U.K. and U.S.A. Finally, June has come. The month signals as the start of early summer season, which tends to be Japan’s rainiest time of the year. With sunny and occasionally cloudy sky, we met 55 people in the square of Tokyo Station building located in Marunouch district of Tokyo. The redbrick train station was overlooking us, and it also seemed to warmly welcome our tour group, as it always does. Immediately before starting the tour, we made four groups for several participants in line with a few assigned guides. After a twenty-minute walk from Tokyo Station, we went into the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, which used be Edo Castle. This historical garden is situated in a highly urbanized area of Tokyo, which is fully surrounded by busy streets and concrete buildings, whereas this well-preserved historical location can draw us into its peaceful and calm environment. The remaining parts of the castle buildings in the garden are in […]

Tour Report on May 28

  • 2019.05.31

Thank you for joining our tour, we welcomed 20guests from Italy、 Germany、 USA、 Spain、 and Philippine. We divided all guests into 3groups and started our tour at 13:00 from Tokyo station. Each group has 2 guides. Unseasonal heat continued for several days, but today the temperature was less than 29 degrees, it was cloudy and humidity and windy, a little rain came in the second half of the tour. Even so we enjoyed our walking tour in the afternoon, usually a weekday tour is held in the morning, but today was a special schedule at the East Garden. Probabry, that is because the US president left Japan this morning, he stayed the Palace hotel nearby Imperial Palace.   That aside it seems that the rainy season has begun in Japan. Then, we can enjoy different flowers along with the changing seasons in the East Garden. Azeria is almost over, then rainy season is best for Japanese iris and hydrangea. In the NINOMARU garden, 84kinds of Japanese iris blooms from early June. It is still early in full bloom now. I heard that the garden staff takes care of the flowers every day to keep its bloom beautifully. They do their best […]


  • 2019.05.27

Thank you joining us. We welcomed 43 guests from various countries such as US, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Philippine, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Turkey and India. We divided all the guests into 4 groups and started our tour at 1:00 pm from Tokyo station. Each group has 2 guides, so all guests and guides were able to enjoy conversation while walking. It was a very hot day like summer and the temperature was over 31 degrees. However it was dry and we could feel pleasant breeze under the shade. Donald Tramp the president of United State of America arrived that day and would stay at the Palace Hotel nearby East Garden. Our tour course was in a state of high security. Mr. Tramp will be the first foreign leader to meet new emperor. Thanks again to all the guests for joining and having good time with us.We have been introducing our activities at Facebook and Trip adviser.If you have joined our tour, please check them, and give us your comments or feedbacks. TFWT is going to hold a walking tours at Meiji shrine, Asakusa and Ueno Park. Please check our website for more details. Please make sure you will protect yourself against hot weather! […]


  • 2019.05.22

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on May 18.  We welcomed 28 guests from Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, UK, and USA. The weather was fine with a quick shower that wasn’t a big deal. We enjoyed our walking tour and great conversation very much. Our tour starts from Tokyo station and Marunouchi area followed by Edo Castle premises. Very modern buildings to historical sites. Entering the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. That’s the former site of Edo Castle’s innermost circle of defense. Edo Castle was the residence of the Tokugawa shogun who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867. Emperor Meiji also resided there from 1868 to 1888 before moving to the newly constructed Imperial Palace.   (Posted by Tank) Thank you for joining our tour. We had a great time.


  • 2019.05.13

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on May 11. We welcomed 39 guests from U.S.A., Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, Russia, UK, Brazil, Peru, Netherland, Poland, and Mexico. The guests are divided into 5 groups. The weather was very hot but dry and a little windy. It wasn’t so hard to get sweaty. The maximum temperature was 28 degrees. It was the hottest day of this year. It seemed to be early summer. The KITTE building is one of the great view points of Tokyo Station. Tokyo Station is the starting point of our tour to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. Tokyo station was restored to the original state 7 years ago. Station square was also renovated at the end of 2017. Many buildings surrounding Tokyo Station have been rebuilt in the past 17 years. Therefore the scenery surrounding this area has changed dramatically. The KITTE building located across the Marunouchi south exit of Tokyo Station was built and opened in 2013. The KITTE building was built at the place of former Tokyo Central Post Office. The former building was built in 1931 and evaluated as one of the buildings […]

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