East Gardens of the Imperial Palace



  • 2019.03.10

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on March 9. We welcomed 14 guests from Italy, Argentina, Mexico, France, UK, Indonesia and USA. The guests are divided into four groups and a few guides accompany them respectively. We started our tour from Tokyo Station and walked through modern business area to go into the East garden of the Imperial Palace, former Edo Castle. I hope that guests deepen their understanding of Japan through our explanation and conversation. We have been inspired by guests, too. Thank you very much. Weather was just fine. Sunshine, 15℃(57℉), a little bit windy. We saw a lot of people relaxing on the Honmaru Lawn. Spring is certainly approaching. But please be careful about the feature of Japanese weather in this season. From February to March in Japan, it is time to shift from winter to spring, but it is characterized by swapping cold days and warm days. There is a word “Sankan Shion”, meaning “cold for three days and then warm for four days”. It is a feature of the climate in northern China and the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, I think that it is perfect […]


  • 2019.03.03

Thank you for everyone, joining our Tokyo Free Walking Tour on March 2, 2019 at The East Gardens of The Imperial Palace. We welcomed 26 guests from Australia, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Poland, Argentina and Tokyo. We divided them into 3 groups, and started the tour 13:00. Tokyo Marathon 2019 would be held on the next day, then, many people are preparing for the event. Some of the guests would entry the marathon. I hope they win. Anyway, the day is clear and comfort, then we could hold the tour comfortably. Early bloomer cherry are blooming now, however, plum flowers are in full bloom now. Speaking of plum flower, “SUGAWARA no Michizane,” very famous Japanese government officer at one thousand years ago, created this poem. “When the wind is in the east, I want it to blow the scent of Japanese plum flowers to me; even if I disappear from here, you, Japanese plum flowers, do not forget spring.” He was relegated from Kyoto to Kyusyu, due to the political ploy. He missed the plum flower, and created this poem. Many Japanese like this poem and know this story, so, we feel such poetic feeling from the plum flower. Famous spots […]


  • 2019.02.28

Thank you for all our guests who joined the tour of East Gardens of The Imperial Palace. We welcomed 6 guests from Canada, UK, and Brazil. We divided all guests into 3 groups, and started the tour at 10am. It was a little bit cold, but a good day for walking around. Plum blossoms are in full bloom just right now! We all enjoyed pink and white flowers and the scent of those flowers.   Recently, the current Emperor published a paper to report feeding habits of the raccoon in the Imperial Palace. The raccoon is known as “Tanuki” which scientific name is Nyctereutes procyonoides. The raccoon is a native animal to Japan and it belongs to mammal species of the canid family member similar to foxes, wolves and domestic dogs. The Emperor collected and examined feces from raccoons for 5 years in a specific place within the Imperial Palace, and reported what kinds of foods they ate in each seasons. The paper writes that raccoon in the Imperial Palace strongly depends on natural foods such as fruits and insects. Most of those food items are native to Japan since the past Edo period. “Tanuki” is well respected in Japanese […]


  • 2019.02.23

Thank you for all our guests who joined “February 23, The East Gardens of The Imperial Place Tour”. We welcomed 15 guests from Australia, Canada, USA, Philippines, France, India, Spain, and Ukraine. We devided all guests into 3 groups, and started the tour 13:00 .   During our tour  sometimes we got strong wind.  That is the sign of Spring. Spring is the time of when we meet new friends and leave old friends behind. Japanese school semester begins in April and ends in March.  I graduated from a nurse college in March 14 years ago. Last week I had a small party with my former classmates of the college.Friendship of classmates is so nice. One of them is going to Vientiane in Laos as a midwife of JICA( Japan International Cooperation Agency). She will do her best there. International exchange program contribute to people’s heartwarming life. All guides of TFWT are waiting for you. Why don’t you join our tour of East garden of the Imperial Place, Asakusa, Meijijingu shrine and Ueno .  (reported by Keiko N.)  


  • 2019.02.17

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on Feb. 16th. We welcomed 15 guests from Australia, USA, UK, Argentina and Spain. Weather condition was almost perfect for the tour. It was fine, no wind and sunshine was warm. Some guests took off their coats during the tour. At the street between the Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace we found two couples wearing wedding dress for taking photos. I’m sure that good weather condition bring them out to the scenic photo spot. We could feel that spring is just round the corner. East garden flowers also noticed us that spring is just knocking the door. Some early flowering cherry trees are just beginning to come out. Many Japanese apricot flowers are soon in full bloom and also the scent of them attract us when passing by. All guests are divided into four groups and some guides accompany them. I hope during 2 and half hours tour close communication between us contribute to deeper understanding of Japanese culture, history and also modern Japan. Our guides had surprising reunion with guests of our Meiji Shrine tour 2weeks ago by chance at entrance of the garden. […]

Tour Report on Feb.9 (The East Garden of the Imperial Palace)

  • 2019.02.12

We had seven guests joining our tour at the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Feb.9. They were from Australia, United Kingdom, U.S.A. and Vietnam. Feb.4 was the New Year’s day in the lunar calendar and the beginning of spring as well. However, it had snowed in the tour’s morning and was very cold. We enjoyed blossoms of camellia and plum trees covered with snow. Our guests also found Kanzakura-cherry blossoms (species of winter-blooming cherry trees) at the Honmaru area which reminded us that spring was surely knocking on the door. We hope they add our tour and the warmth of the Houji-cha ( roasted green tea ) on their memories of Japan.   ( by Rei )

Tour report of THE EAST GARDEN OF THE IMPERIAL PALACE on 2019.2.2 and Introduction of Coming New Tour

  • 2019.02.03

Thank you for joining our tour visiting the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on February 2nd.   We welcomed 20 people from Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Ireland. The day was not so chilly and we could enjoy clear blue winter sky during strolling around the garden.    Coming February 4th is “the First day of Spring” on the calendar in Japan.   From that reason, we could enjoy cute plum tree blossoms, which is the first symbol of spring,  starting to bloom here and there in the garden. We hope all of guests enjoyed this tour and also we are looking forward the day when you and your friends or family have the opportunity to participate in TFWT hosted tours in future. Now, let me introduce TFWT’s newly featuring tour; “Ueno Park”.   There was the largest temple named “Kan-Ei-ji Temple” in  Edo period at there. One of their mission was to guard the former Edo Castle, current Imperial Palace, from evils.   Most of the area were now converted to attractive Large Park including various museums, zoo, historical architectures and so on.    The first tour will be held on Feb.11th. Please check our web site […]


  • 2019.01.31

Thank you for joining our tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on January 26. We welcomed 25 guests from Australia, Hungary, Israel, UK, Uruguay, and USA. The weather was fine with a little bit chilly. We enjoyed our walking tour and great conversation very much. Our tour starts from Tokyo station and Marunouchi area followed by Edo Castle premises. Entering the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. Thank you for joining our tour. We will also start our walking tour at Ueno Park on February 11. Please join us! (Posted by Tank)

Tour Report on Jan.22 The East Garden of the Imperial Palace Weekday Tour

  • 2019.01.25

We had five guests joining our weekday tour at the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Jan.22.  They were from United Kingdom, Romania, France, Indonesia and Korea. The sky was clear but a little bit chilly.  However some plum trees started to bloom and they have shown us the announcement of spring. During the tour , we heard sounds of wind instruments.  It was the sound of Gagaku, the Japanese ancient court music.   Gagaku consists of the ceremonial music and dance of the imperial court of Japan.  It was completed by about 10th century and is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property. We were so happy to share an enjoyable time with our guests in the peaceful surroundings. We hope they add our tour on their memories of Japan. ( by Rei )  

Tour to the East Garden, 19 January 2019, The Year of New Era

  • 2019.01.20

Many thanks to 29 guests who joined the tour from Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, India, Italy, USA, Russia, and Portugal on that day. The weather was fine and not too cold for 2 hour walking tour. We are actually very proud of welcoming such wonderful guests from all over the world. In this tour route we walk through Japan’s heart area like Capitol Hill in Washington, Kremlin in Moscow or Buckingham Palace & Westminster in London. The tour route is not just special for foreign tourists but all of Japanese. This year is known to be a special year for Japanese nationals because 2019 is marked as last year of Heisei and the first year of new era whose name is yet announced. Heisei began with death of former late Emperor Hirohito who was father of current Emperor Akihoto. It was 1989 in the year of our Lord, 30 years ago. So this year is addressed Heisei 31 in Japanese official calendar. In coming May, new Emperor Naruhito will ascend the throne and current Emperor will abdicate. He reigned for almost 30 years. Before Heisei, there were 3 eras in modern time Japan since 1868. Meiji (1968-1912), Taisho […]

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